The Trilogy Of Bane Hiro

Ever since he was little, Bane Hiro had stuck out like a sore thumb.
The way he spoke was different.
His clothes? Different.
His hair? Different.
After waking up from a major accident Hiro is in for the best and worst ride of his life yet.


3. My secret

 Aunt Renée and Uncle Harold aren’t exactly the most encouraging people when it comes to accepting new things or aspects in life. Given my condition this made me even more anxious, I could already feel their disappointment and annoyance rolling off of them and choking me. And I haven’t even told them about it. Great. Maybe they will accept me as I am and make an exception, I am their family after all, I hoped. I plastered on a weak smile as the door opened and my Aunt’s overly sweet scent hit me.

“Oh Bane,” She rushed at me so fast that I almost fell over, and trapped me in a tight hug, “How are you dear? Did you have any trouble during the trip?” She asked in an overly worried voice. I was so shocked from her behavior that I just stood there with my mouth open and looked at her. She barely looked a day older except for a few more grey hairs shining between her brunette locks, her hazel eyes looked tired and bored. She was still the short and judgemental woman that I remembered. It had been so long since I’d been around them, people who judge your every move, that I couldn’t help but close my eyes and compose myself, before I ended up running back to England.

“Are you okay Bane? Do you need to rest? The trip must have been tiring, and you shouldn’t stand for so long, come in dear.” She dragged me towards the living room and pushed me down on the couch, “I’m fine Aunt Ren, and it was just an hour long drive. Where’s Harry?” I always called Uncle by his nick name, everyone in my family did. Everyone in my family used to…

“He’s just making a phone call, some hospital work. Do you want some tea, Baney?” She asked as she already left to make some tea. Renée always had hideous and annoying nicknames for everyone, and I was no exception. “Yes, I’d love some. And please don’t call me Baney Aunt Ren, you know I hate it. Where’s Melanie?” I asked as Harry entered the room and made his way directly over to me. “Bane! You’re finally here,” He too, trapped me in a choking hug almost making me believe that he cared about me. “Melanie is just out with some friends. How was your trip?” He changed the subject, clearly not wanting to discuss Melanie’s whereabouts. “It was alright, and please it wasn’t a trip, it was just an hour long drive.” I was now getting a bit annoyed with the trip questions and their fake concern.

The tension in the air was so thick, I could’ve sliced it with a knife. “We’re really sorry about your loss, son.” Harry said in a quiet but sad tone, as Renée handed me my tea. This was the only real emotion that they had shown till now. “It’s okay, I’d rather not talk about it.” I muttered, avoiding eye contact.

“For now we can avoid it but we’ll have to talk about it soon. Now, Renée thinks that you need some time to rest before joining Melanie’s school, but I think the sooner the better. You will have less to catch up if you go sooner... or would you rather be homeschooled?what do you think son?” He asked in an uninterested and bored voice. School?! But why?I don’t want to attend another school filled with judgmental and narrow-minded people, my aunt and uncle can do that job very well, I was panicking to say the least.

“I-I…I don’t want to attend a school or be homeschooled,” I was trying my best to sound polite and under-control, “I want to… I want to... Make... Clothes..." I muttered quietly. They both were looking at me like I just told them that I export unicorns for a living. “Is this a joke? Baney, you know you shouldn’t joke about your life and career.” Renée tried to laugh it off but stopped when she saw that I dead-serious. Harry was looking at me with a cold expression on his face, “Do you really think you should make a fool of the families' name like that?! What do you know about handwork, boy? You’ve done nothing but roll in your parents’ money, which they stupidly threw at you. If you were under my control you wouldn’t hav-”

“What I have done with my life and what I want to do in the future is totally up to me, and you have no right to judge me or my parents to have lived the way that we wanted to. I never did and I never will owe you any money.” I was as calm and collected as I could look on the outside, but on the inside I wanted to punch his face in and remind him his limits. They both started rambling about stupid teenagers and how they lack common sense and morals these days.

All I could think about is how I’m going to live with these people till I’m 18, I’ve been here for barely an hour and I already feel like running away. Is everyone so narrow-minded and self-centered here? If that is the case then I don’t think I’d last even a month. I can feel the choking and binding constraints that are their thinking and views about the world, and I’m pretty sure that they disapprove everything about me or related to me already. Maybe that’s why Melanie is out…Maybe she can’t stand them either. I can’t take this anymore, I have to tell them... they'll find out some day… Somehow... Why not now then?


Without any further thought I blurted out my biggest secret. A secret that can leave me without any respect or even a house, but I have to take a chance. It’s worth it.


In a loud and firm voice I said, “I’m gay.” 

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