The Trilogy Of Bane Hiro

Ever since he was little, Bane Hiro had stuck out like a sore thumb.
The way he spoke was different.
His clothes? Different.
His hair? Different.
After waking up from a major accident Hiro is in for the best and worst ride of his life yet.


2. Almost Numb

I'm still half-numb the next day, and I don't really know why or how I got here, standing in front of a full length mirror, staring myself down. It's an understatement to call myself confused. I can only remember a few key things, yet the nurses said that most of my memories should come back if I give it some time.

My hair has gotten far longer than I would have wanted it, but It's still the same blonde that It has always been, sandy and mostly messy as it hangs almost down to my shoulders. I instantly hate it. My eyes are bright blue and, despite my year-long sleep, they hold large dark bags underneath. I hardly think I've grown an inch, I'm still around 5'3, tch, typical. My face has grown taught and narrow, but I can't deny that I kind of like it that way. If I put on some heels and fancy clothes, add a little eyeliner... Hey! Maybe I'm not as horrible looking as I think?

I don't get long to dwell on this, nurses keep checking on me, I think they're probably scared for me... Or worse, scared of me. Can't imagine why though, I look as thin as a pole and I can barely walk over to the bathroom without feeling dizzy.


Four days pass, memories begin to flood back, there's occasional headaches, but it's not all so bad. I sit in the back of a cab with my head pressed against the window, watching trees and hedges fly past. The driver checks on me through the wing mirror, and smiles slightly.

"So, what brings a Brit like you to America?" It's instantly clear that he is clueless, and then it hits me... Why wouldn't he be? I instantly snap my head to the side and screech, I didn't want to be in the cab at all! Why was I only realizing that now?! The last time that I was in a cab, it crashed! The driver put his foot on the brakes in an instant, bringing the car to a quick halt and turning to look at me in surprise and annoyance.

"What the hell was that for kid?!" He shouted, "I could've crashed dammit!" His face fell when he saw the fear in my eyes, and I mumbled something under my breath, before glaring out of the window, forcing myself to calm down and get a get grip.

"Tch," He growled, murmuring, "Spoilt brat." under his breath as I sighed heavily in response, he faced forward and began to drive again, but slower in case I had another outburst. Not that it mattered since I stayed silent for the rest of the journey, replaying memories back in my mind.

We ended up in the driveway of an ordinary enough terrace house, little potted plants lining the small patch of grass out front, windowsills with dainty little flowers and trailing ivy. The door was a cream color, splattered with a little mud, adding to the character of the house, but other than that it was just the same as any other house on the street.

A woman holding the hand of a young girl, out walking a dog, stopped to wave and introduce themselves as I stepped out of the cab, brushing off my white jeans and top, provided for me from the hospital.

"You must be the Hitachkii's boy...?" The woman paused, giving me the once over, "I heard about... The incident... You poor boy, I'm terribly sorry-"

"It's fine," I cut her off, "I wish everyone would stop bloody apologizing, it's not anybody's fault, just a stroke of bad luck." I glanced at the woman and her daughter before smiling softly, "Excuse my French."

The woman smiled back, holding out a hand. "My name is Mary, this is Lucy." She gestured at her daughter, who also put out a hand, I shook them both and plastered on a grin. "The name's Bane Hiro, but of course si sapeva già che​."

I turned with a wave, heading to the door of the house, my Aunt and Uncle's house to be precise. They're the closest relatives that I have, and they have a daughter around my age, so everything works itself out. I pay the cab driver and thank him with a nod, knocking briskly with my knuckles and then waiting.

Thinking, I wonder if they've changed at all?


​If it hasn't been made clear, Bane Hiro is British, but his Aunt and Uncle and their daughter, (Hiro's cousin) live in America, and it just so happens that the car crash that Bane was in happened while he was on a vacation to see his Aunt and Uncle. So... Yeah~!

​'Si sapeva gia che' means: 'You already knew that' in Italian.

​Also, one last thing, I'd like to thank my co-author Jem, because they're awesome, (Thanks Jem!)

I'm going off of 2 hours of sleep ;D help me plz.




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