The Trilogy Of Bane Hiro

Ever since he was little, Bane Hiro had stuck out like a sore thumb.
The way he spoke was different.
His clothes? Different.
His hair? Different.
After waking up from a major accident Hiro is in for the best and worst ride of his life yet.


1. Waking Up


Everything seems dark and foggy. Where am I?

My fingers are numb and cold. Where am I? 

As I stir I can feel that my toes are too; a numb and tingly sensation spreading throughout my body. Where am I?

I try to speak but nothing comes out, I can't move my mouth however hard I try. I try to open my eyes but a blinding white light hits me, leaving me confused and dazed at first, but then as I take in my surroundings, I realize that I'm in a hospital. My skin is unnaturally pale which disturbs some part of my mind. Something's not right here.  My ears tune in and out of sounds as I gaze loosely around the room that I'm in. I can't see any walls, the three 'walls' around me are cream curtains, light and soft looking. I'm pulled out of my thoughts as a hand pulls back the curtain to my left, and I see a man in a white lab coat. So, he's my doctor... but why am I here? 

He stares at me for a moment and then his mouth starts moving, but I can't hear him. Why can't I hear him? Why am I not able to talk? What is happening? I start panicking, my breaths coming out shallow and irregular. I calm myself down as I try to read his lips. Pain...? No... Bane! Bane... That name sounds familiar... Bane... Hero... Bane Hiro... Is That...? That's my name! That's me, I remember now... Oh my God... 

Suddenly, there's a flash in the back of my mind...

A scream as sharp as glass, piercing through my numb mind, the screeching sound of brakes as the car skids off the road... a crash, someone calls my name, there's blood everywhere, thick smoke chokes my lungs as glass shards are cutting through my skin... someone calls my name again... "Mum?" I try to mumble in a choked voice as I start losing consciousness and fall into a void of black emptiness.

I can hear now, I want to scream out and cry, there's nothing to stop me, yet it doesn't seem like the right thing to do. Wide eyed and on the verge of breaking down, I look at the doctor, hoping for some answers but he just looks upset, maybe worried, as he stares down at me and checks my arm, well... Not my arm as such, but the needle and the tube protruding from it. 

Suddenly I'm sitting up, or more accurately, the white hospital bed that I'm lying in has raised itself so that I can look around, though there isn't much to see at all. Just some beeping machines and a couch in the corner.

"Bane, can you hear me?"

My eyes snap back to the doctor, and he takes that as a yes.

"I'm Eric, your doctor... How do you feel?" He cringes as if it was wrong of him to ask. Why does he look so sad? I'm panicking again because I can feel that he has some bad news. Some very bad news.

"I can't... I can't feel... my hands and feet..." My voice sounds raspy but calm and my throat feels dry. I have to be positive, maybe he's sad because of my condition, not because of... no it can't be...

"That's only natural, you've been lying in the same position for a while now, but don't you worry, I'll get you up and walking, your hands and feet will be normal soon enough," He smiles but something about it doesn't seem right, I frown and squint at him, his face falls; he knows what I'm about to ask.

"Bane," He says before I can form the question, "You were in an unfortunate accident, that's why you're here..." He stops for a moment to let me absorb the news before continuing, "You've been.... in a coma for just over a year now." Oh no, no, no, it can't

His eyes meet mine, "You were lucky, with a crash like that, it's a miracle that you weren't paralyzed from your neck down. I know it's hard to understand, but you have to stay positive about the whole affair." He doesn't have to say anything else. I know what he's trying to tell me, what he's sad about. My mind feels numb again, my breathing shallow and my back covered with sweat. I have been in a coma for a year... and my parents are gone. I don't have a family, I'm an orphan. It was getting harder to breath with every passing second and my vision was starting to blur and fade. I took a deep breath. I can't be so weak in front of him, my mama didn't raise me like that.

"It's okay... Give yourself a break, you don't need to tell me anything else... My parents, In the front of the car... They're not waking up..." I smile sadly, unable to look up at him as tears brim in my eyes. I tell myself that I can't cry in front of him and swallow whatever words I had left to say. "It's okay." I repeat more to myself than to him and he puts a strong hand onto my shoulder. A feeling of peace passes over me as I start feeling lightheaded.

"You're strong, I've known that all this time... Now, let us get you walki- Hiro!" Were the last words I heard before I start loosing consciousness. 




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