My Nerdy Self

A 16 year old girl named Grace wanted to show everyone how she can be like a popular kid. Will she be able to win her crush or will she have some friends in hand to help her find her own self.


2. The Bully

Grace was already ready for school she wore preppy high school clothes but it's nerdy. Grace went to the kitchen and saw Cameron acting like the boss "okay guys let's go to school now" said he "hey you don't have to take me in the car i'm gonna ride the bus" said Grace "okay fine by me" said Cameron, "let's go guys" they left and Grace went trailing off behind them. 

Grace was outside and she could see her brother getting into the car. Grace had to use her hand to block the sun that was hitting her eyes. Then the bus got there and Grace hoped on "HEY LOOK ITS THE LOSER OF THE SCHOOL" said Victoria "ugh victoria can you just leave me alone" Grace snapped back "and who do you think you should be talking to like that" said Victoria Grace could see her eyes were gleaming with fire, Grace just walked away then out of no where a crumbled up paper ball hit her head "ow" said Grace and touched the back of her head. Grace always goes to the back 

of the seat where her best friend is "OH MY GOD GIRL DID YOU HEAR THAT DRAKE AND ALICE GOT BACK 

TOGETHER" said Ava

"AVA" said Grace and they both hugged

each other

"no but for real did you cause i did" said Ava "oh my god i hope someone loves me" said Grace "i bet someone does" said Ava she pulled her phone out of her pocket and called her boyfriend "ava why can't i be pretty and perfect like you" said Grace "GRACE! you are already pretty and perfect" said Ava, The bus stopped and everyone fell frontward hitting the seat in front of them "ah ow my head"  said Grace "tell me about it" said Ava all you can hear are people groaning. 

Ava and Grace got off the bus and so did the other people so then they headed to class.

Class was over so Ava and Grace saw each other in the halls. Grace was walking to Ava who was waiting until 

someone tripped Grace

"AHHHH" said Grace "hey you dropped something" said Victoria, "oh and i did that hahahahha" Grace got up and her crush came by to help her pick her stuff up Grace look down and started to blush "here you go Grace" said Alex "t-thanks" Grace replied Grace could see Victoria's eyes gleaming with fire again Victoria came to Grace and Alex left 

"YOU ARE A NOBODY" she said, "and you are not gonna steal Alex away from me" and she pushed Grace down to the floor "ugh i hate my bully" said Grace in her head.

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