My Nerdy Self

A 16 year old girl named Grace wanted to show everyone how she can be like a popular kid. Will she be able to win her crush or will she have some friends in hand to help her find her own self.


3. New Me?

Grace Got up as Victoria left to her friends.

grace saw Ava covering her eyes in pain.

Ava went to Grace and hugged her

~Grace's POV~

I can't believe I let Victoria let her do this again. "Grace you okay!" Ava said hugging me tightly.

"never been better?" I said weirdly and fakes smiled "Hey who needs Alex

He's actually pretty mean" Ava said crossing her arms  "yeah, I mean I do see him

smoke and other stuff" I said firmly "maybe he just wanted to be nice right there?" Ava said curiously "Maybe?" I said. We both walked down the hall "since it's almost summer maybe we can go to the mall and work on and outfit and other stuff" Ava said nicely "okay..."I said. She grabbed my hand and led me down to the school and we both

left to the mall. "Yes!" Ava said while clapping,"we would like that outfit"

I sat on the chair awkwardly. "Alright, this is gonna take a few hours" Said the stylist getting ready.

about like one hour or two hours The stylist handed me a mirror. "Ready three. two. ONE!!!!!!!!!!!" said Ava 

unwrapping the stuff off my face like if i got surgery. "Oh. My. GOD!" I said smiling wide

"DO YOU LIKE IT!" Ava said Aloud."I wasted all my life savings"  I smiled "but it's okay At least I spended it on my best friend" she said smiling. I look like a goddess "so, if Alex likes you just ignore him probably likes you for your looks" she said putting her hands on her hips "okay, maybe I'll look for someone better" I said smirking "that's MY GIRL" Ava said,"now lets look for more outfits" I squealed and jumped. I grabbed her hand and we went shopping even more. Is this the New Me?

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