Heathens ~ Jshlr

Just read it k <3


2. the SELL

"HEy" jish say 2 a gard.


"cna i be in a sell wth tylr.?'

'ya butt he mrdered sum1"

jish gaps!

"tyjo yyu btray me! u r a merder!er!"

'ya but dont discriminate jus bcuaz im mureder"

"ok  sry"

"d u wanna be in he sell or nOt???" say teh gard?

"ya i gess!" jish


he let jjish out f he sell. Jish thot!  I cna run away if I wWANT!!!

Tylr look at him sad

mayb not bc tyjo wold b sads!!!

he decied d not to run away but o well!!

he gaps wen he get in the sell!

"there only 1 bed!!!??"

"ya i gess" 

jhs bloosh "we will shar the bed>??!??"

"ya lmao"

tyjo dosent understnad! jish blush mor. 

may bee he luv tylr.!!?!?!?

Number of mistakes: 43

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