Heathens ~ Jshlr

Just read it k <3


3. teH BAND

tylr was actully rlly gud at PianO!!

"hey ur rlly good!'

"tnhx ik"

he was play "ododododododdddodododoooododododoooo"

"bmmumuububmuvmvumbubm tis ubmbmbmb"

"jish ur gud 2! !"

"wow thxn!" "wot shoud ar band b  cal?LEd?"

"weall 1 time i was on a plan" Tylr "an thre was a person drivig it!"


"an i was liek esocos me sir whtis 7 x 8??"


''he was like '21 so go away!' and i said 'rood' but i left"


"an so we shuld be caled twnety one piilots!!!"

"21 poilist sounds dum!!!!!"

"no, jsh! its twenty ONE !!!!

"O sry!!!!!1!1!"

"Ya u betr!!"

"Ya lests play a snong 4 the ppl here!!!"




"Don in th e fOrets!!!! Well sing a CHORus!!1!1!on that ever body noos!!!1 hnads hld hire well b on FIR e 🔥🔥!!!!! sINGIN SNOGS TAT KNOWBODY ROTE!!!!!!!"

"nO tYJO STO" p!!!!!


"I don like taht song it 2 sads!!!"

"Wot know it's not!!!"

"Ya it's rlly blue black."


"Sry wotever"


Than they finish the song an everone clAPsss!!!!

They will GO TO BED soon!!!!

Number of mistakes: 65

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