Heathens ~ Jshlr

Just read it k <3


5. sNEAK!!

Tlr wate aLL nite 4 jish to SLEEp.

He tok a wile bc it was his frist nite of jale but he ffelled asleeps.

than tylr gOt up!!

he SLIP betwen the bars of the sell and he SNEAK out!?!?!?!?

a gard see him!!

"WOT r u DOIG?????" gard sayed

"im goig 2 tehe BATFROOM!!!"

"o sry"

tlyr WAS LIE!!?!?!?!

he actully snuck!!! outcide.

he stay in a tree for almsot aLL nite..

that wen jish wake up from NITE mare. he was veyr scare

'Tlyr i had a nitemare it was prty scry cna u help ples?"

THan tlyr wasnt? tehre???


"his in the bathrrom!!" gard

jish cry. he want tlyr NOWWOWW.!

"cna u tell him 2 com bac????"


tehn Jsih sneeek out thru th bar....s

'were u going?" gard s



he go outcide bc he now tlry lef t.


Tylr fall out tree.

jish is cry he was so scare for tlr!!!

"tlr u oka?"


then jish reelize he LOVE Tlr BC that why he scare!!!???



jish run up 2 him.


he KISS tlyr!!!!!!

tlr cnat belive it butt he kiss back.


TO BE CONTNUEEDDDD hehehehhe.............


I'm gonna start counting the number of grammatical mistakes in each chapter. This one has 76. I'll go back and give a number for the rest.

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