Heathens ~ Jshlr

Just read it k <3


7. PRO POSE!????

The nex dey thay were v hapy and gay

"Ummm tyjo I ned to axe u sumthing!!!"



He git a box!!

"Mary me pls" he say on 1 nee

"Umm ya i gess"


"K les play a song bc we r v hapy to get her."


"Dodoododododo" tlr paino

""Bum bum tisss bumbumbum bummm" Jishwa drum

"WNOT U StEy aliv?? ill tak U ON A RIIIIIIDE i well make U BELIVE THAT U R LUVLy!!!!!!!"

"YEET" jsh

Evry1 clap

Than jsh call bread


"Ya" bred

"Im get maried"

"2 hoo??"

"A guy in jail hes nam tyjo"

"Umm thats gay"

"Ya well com 2 r weding!!"

"K c u ther"

Than he hung! up!!

"Bred will com!" Jsh exclame

"Col sara will 2" tlr sai


NexT thay well git marry!!!!!

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