Heathens ~ Jshlr

Just read it k <3


9. no regerts. (rlly sad I think)

The nex day tlr and jsh are hapy and cleening ther sell wen the buff and tuff guy spoked

"Hay umm jsh why did u not invit me to ur weding bc I got u 2 togther???"

"O sry it's just that I don liek u"

He git maddddd


"Bc ur ugly and I only frend hot pple like breadsticks "

">>>>:((((( ill beet u up!!"

"Wate why."


Then he pun ch thro th wall and chock jsh then he die but no regerts!!

Then tlr crie and but he married bred and Sara and the three adopted ten children togethr and raised them so its ok!!

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