Heathens ~ Jshlr

Just read it k <3


8. MA RRY(rlly sad)))

Tyjo was staning at tehthe end of the jale holway wen johs cam out and saw him. He was rlly beutyfull. Jsh star t cry bc th beuty of tlr

He start waking down the holeway wen sara and bread ran 2 echotherr bc thay wer both hot and wonted to meke out!!

But than!! Bred ran into jsh and he dyed!!!!

"Ow" jish cry b4 he deth

"Omg bby!!!" Tlr rUN! 2 him and fall to his sid. He hold jshs body in he arm and cry a good amount.

"Omg jsh bby r u ded???"


Than he cry more

Bred and sar don care thay jus t makkd out

Tlr get up an say

"Now tihs is a funaral :((("

He git a coffen and put jhs in

He stnad nex 2 and tak

"Im v sad bc jsh is my finance but wot ever lets jus t barry him"

"K" say gard.

Thay star bary jsh under the cement and its v hard to put the shuvel thru th cement but it's ok.

Then sudden jsh wak up bc he isn't ded????

He SCRRECH!!! Bc he gon a be buryed aliv!!!

"Wate" tlr

Tylr open coffen an d get jsh

"I thot u wer ded"

"I was"

"K I luv u"


Then tlr kisss jsh and the gard say "I prnouce yu huband an hus bend!!"

"Than thay kis mor"

Breadsticks claps and Sara

The end execpt ther gonea b mor chapters!!??

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