Heathens ~ Jshlr

Just read it k <3


6. KISSS!!!!???

Thay speretdd and jhs was vry wow

"Tylrr u liek me!!!???"

"Ya i lov u jsh tha t y I wont u in bed"

"Weoahwhat??!" Jsh

"Ya thar uesd 2 b a bunc bed butt i sed no bc ur hot"

"Aww ik"


But than jsh rEALISE!!?

"Um y u snek out tho??"

"Bc I wonted to b free I was b ing sell fish" than tlr cri

"Nono is ok bby"

Jsh comfort tlr


Than jsh get idea

What will his idea b?????!!!!!

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