Heathens ~ Jshlr

Just read it k <3


4. BEDD!1!!!!

Tylr was in bed an jSh woodn't geT! in BED!!!

"Jishwa is time 4 bed common!!!"

"nO bc is AKWARD!!!"


"ya it is u don unDERStanD!!!!"

Jish STARt crY!!!!!!

"nononiooo jish donnot cry!!!"


"Jish com her bby!!" he hOLD jishwa an itwas LIKe a chokhold anDN HE D+COULDN T ESCAPSE! AN DHE STRUGGLED!!!

atully jk he rlly likeeddd tlr holding onto him.

"if u goto bed i will siing u 2 slep!!"


jsh got in to bed and he SNUGGEle TYELr.

"quikly moveing toards a storm mooeving forewaedd torn in to piececs ovr reesons ov wot theese storms r 4. I donot unerstnad y evrything i ador taks a dffrent 4m wen i squnt! my eyes hav u ever don that>??? wen u squnt ur eyes an ur i lashes mak it lok a lil nt rite an wen jus enof lite coms from jus the rite sid and U FINE UR NOT WHO UR SPOSED TO BE?? this is not whot ur sposed 2 see remmemeber me i am suposed to be KIng of  a kinGDOME or swingin on a swinG! somethin happenedded 2 my imaginATION thiss situations be COMEING dire my treee hOUSe is ONE FIRE! AND FOR SOMERAEDDON I SELL GAS ON MY handns!! Tshis is not wot I HAD PLANNED. THIs is nNOT wat I HAD pLAnNDED!!!!!!1!!!!"

"wow that was rlly pink orange."

"thx now go to sleep"

"k nite.'

"k bye"


"ya bye jish."

WHY Did Tlr say bye insted of NITE??????? fine out in the nexT CHAPTER!!!! 

to b continued!!!!1//////.......

Number of mistakes: 84

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