A Start To A Dangerous Life




As I stood there, watching someone open my mother's door and creep in, making sure my coast was clear, I stepped into the hall and into the doorway of her door. The man was taking out a knife, he first uncovered her, in her night gown, she looked like a barbie doll. He sliced her legs, and arms, but when he went to do her neck, I ran and screamed, taking the knife out of his hand, hoping that he would realize what he was doing. At first I didn't even realize what he was doing. After I had taken the knife from him, he started screaming, things that dont makes sense.

“Stop. she has to be cleansed. She is not in the light. She has been tainted.” He slumps down, muttering something that I couldn't quite catch. I kicked him in the head so hard that he hit the ground, but not hard enough that he passed out. I took the end of the metal curtain rod that he had broke and hit him with it, which did the trick.

I raced out to the kitchen and grabbed the phone, dialing 911. A sweet but to sweet voice answered me, “Hello, what's your emergency?”

A crash sounded. “A man broke into my and my mom's house, and mom was asleep, he started cutting her up, she's alive, but out cold, I knocked out the man. I also took his knife from him.”

“What’s your name?”


“What is your address?”

“West High 15970”

“People are on the way.”

“Thank you.” she hung up. I head over to where I heard the crash. I look over in my room, and a boy around my age is going through looking for a hiding place.

“Excuse me, who are you, and why are you in my room.” I pick up my baseball bat from my sports stuff. My baseball bat got one tiny glance, but he straightened up and smiled, he two steps to me and I took two steps back, keeping away from him, but just close enough that I could hit him with my bat. And he seems to know that. I heard the other guy wake up. “Stay.” I command him like he is a dog. Again all I got was a simple smile. But before I could react to the other guy who was waking up (hitting him in the head with my baseball bat), something flashed into my vision and disappeared before I could see what it was. Mother came out and she looked different than before. I couldn't name it, but even the way she walked was different. She looked at me, cocked her head and leaped. Instead of leaping at the man; she leaped onto me, tearing the back of my t-shirt. I hit her several time in the head with my bat, but it bounced off every time, doing nothing. Soon the boy who was in my room was by my side, wrenching the bat out of my hand, and hitting the man who was getting up. Then hitting my mom in the head, thus making her whole body shudder, passing out on top of me. I tried to push my mother out from on top of me, but I almost blacked out. The boy dragged mom off of me…

He looked everywhere but at me, but at the sound of sirens he looked up at me, “We have to go. You cannot stay here.” I was to stunned to think, so I let him guide me along the hallway, out the back door and down into the forest. Soon he found a path to follow, he held me up as I slipped around. I swear though- in the house when he was just standing there, he looked just like me.

I was falling. I was falling down a hill. I wasn't though. He had picked me up and he was giving me a piggyback, jumping from the top of the top of the hill all the way down. I hear him muttering something about time, something about how much time. I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up with a girl in my personal bubble, she was wearing a uniform, blue and black. She herself wasn't much to look at, but I shouldn't talk, I don't even look very special. With short black hair, blue eyes, short and skinny, I will always look different from everyones else. I have this weird birthmark too. It's a weird swirly thing that goes down my shoulder and ends near my wrist. My doctor told me that's it's a burn or scar from before my mother gave birth. Alex, someone at school was always teasing me for it.

I lost my footing and fell on my knees, getting up I accidently run into the boy. I feel something to the side of me move. It wasn't touching me, but I could feel the movement in the air, and somehow I could feel the vibrations. When I tried to look around but the boy pulled me forward. We walked for about another half hour, until we got to a house. It was an old house and it looked like it could fall apart any moment. I walked up the steps behind my look alike, but he didn't have to open the door, someone else opened the door, a girl who is around 8 looks up at us.

We walk into a small room and I get the feeling that I've been here before. Soon I was standing in a kitchen and eating a bowl of cereal. I could not get over the fact that this boy, who I still don't know his name, looks exactly like me. When 3 other people walked into the kitchen, the boy and the eight-year-old girl, and an older gentleman who I didn't recognize. I looked up and they were all standing over me, and suddenly I had no appetite. I pushed my food away and looked at the people, “Who are you?...” I watch the girl sit down and look up at the guys.

The older gentleman started talking first. “Hey… so it appears that your mother was not completely herself today.” he smiles at himself, as if he was making a funny joke. I don't think that at the time i understood him, until another guy came out, not taking any notice of me. The guy took an apple from a bowl of fruit and opened the fridge. He took out a Dr. Pepper and when he was in the middle of taking a drink did he finally notice me. He spit out what he had not swallowed in the sink, and turned frantically to the old man.

“Why is she here?” He silently turn and leaves the un-eaten apple in the kitchen as he leaves. As he went through the house I could hear doors slam until he ended up leaving the house. I looked at the other people and shrugged, although I was extremely confused. I slowly get up, noticing all of the windows and all of the doors as a way to get out. I keep one eye on all of the people in the room, and head to the door. About 3 feet from the door I am “informed” that I should not leave. When I turn around I realize that I'm still in my pajamas. I think that the little girl realized that I was not liking it, because she left the room, coming back with a pair of cargo pants and  t-shirt.

“That way on the left is the bathroom.” she points to the opposite way I was facing, I start to turn but I see something shiney come flying towards my head, so I thrust my hand out. The shiney thing never hit me, when I looked up I saw that the thing was actually a knife. The lookalike had a hold of the knife, by the blade, a few drops of blood fell to the floor. I gaped. The lookalike grabbed a paper towel while talking.

“We need to move now. They have found us… Daniella, come on.”


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