Never Mix Business With Pleasure (*A Harry Styles Love Story*)

"I told you I can't be there for you" he whispered while backing me up against the wall, his now dark green restricted eyes stared into my blue ones

"But I want you to let me in. I want to see who you are" I whispered back, afraid of how he'd respond. To my surprise, he just stroked my cheek and let out a sigh

"But I told you, I never mix business with pleasure"


6. Chapter 5

Sofia's POV

"Sophie? Sophie wake-up" someone rocked me awake while softly calling my nickname

"D-Don't make me...please" I mumbled while covering my face with the sheets tighter

"But you have to go to the company today, sweetie" Nanny sweetly replied earning a groan from me

"Fine, give me 5 minutes" I mumbled back. I soon felt the bed rise and creak, signing as Nanny left the bed

"Be ready in 10" she reminded before I heard my door closing

Groaning, I sat up and looked around my room. I tend to do this when I'm tired. I sleepily got out of bed and walked towards my bathroom. I started my hot shower and hopped in. I just stood there, thinking about everything that happened. Everything happened so quickly. It didn't even give me times to adjust to this new lifestyle.

I snapped out of my thoughts and took the shampoo bottle and squirted some on my hand then massaged my scalp with it. I then took my bottle of Lux body wash then squirted some on my luffa and rubbed my body with it. I finished cleaning myself and then wrapped myself with my towel

I walked out of the bathroom and went towards my closet. I took out my cream coloured dress that reached just below my knees and a black women's blazer and some tan flats. I wasn't the kind of girls who liked wearing heels 'cause they kill my feet and I get blisters because of it. I put those on and went to my make-up table

I looked at myself in my make-up mirror. I looked like a mess. Dark circles and dark eye bags were under my eyes, my cheeks were a reddish colour and my lips were a bit chapped. I shook my head and took out some conceler, foundation, nude eyeshadow palette, blush, mascara, eyeliner, and my pink lip balm which changes the colour of your lips into like for me, your perfect lip colour

I put on some foundation before anything and then some concealer on my dark circles and bags. Then, I put on some mascara and made a little wing with the eyliner. After that I created something nude with my eyeshadow for my eye. Lastly, I applied some blush on cheek and put on some lip balm

I sighed while looking at my hair. It was now dry but it was all over the place. I took my comb and brushed it until it was tamed. Then, I put it in a nice ponytail with my bangs loose on my forehead. I took my side bag and went downstairs to the dining table to see that Nanny made waffles and bacon and some apple juice. She knew I wasn't so much of a fan of orange juice, that's why she always got apple juice for me rather than orange or other fruits

"Mornin' Nanny" I greeted while sitting down on my chair

"Finally she finished. Now, eat before George calls. He said he'll call when you're needed to leave for the office" Nanny informed me earning a nod and smile from me before I dug into the food she made. And as always, she did great in cooking. It tasted amazing, as always

I finished eating my breakfast and ran back upstairs to brush my teeth. Once I finished brushing my teeth, I ran back downstairs just in time when George called asking me to leave

"Bye Nanny, I'll see you later" I kissed her cheek before hopping inside the car. "Jack, can you drive me to the office. Thank you" I told Jack before looking out at the window. This was gonna take some getting used to

~~At The Office~~

"Glad you finally made is Sofia" George greeted me once I hopped out of the car. I just gave him a smile before Jack took off. "Alright, so today I arranged some meetings for you with some businessmen who are interested in being one of our partners. You have one today at 2" George announced which made me stop in my tracks? A meeting?!

"A meeting?! But I literally am just starting today. I absolutely know nothing about the company. How can you expect me to do a business meeting with businessmen who are interested in being our partners when you know I'm only starting?" I asked while facing him

"I'm sorry but we had to take it off from where your dad left it. And he left it when businessmen were really interested in being partners. And they trust you to be exactly like your father" George looked at me apologetically

"It's not your fault. But how can I do this?" I asked as I frustratedly ran my hand through my hair that was in a ponytail, making sure not to mess it up

"It will scripted. What you're gonna say and what you're gonna ask. We know what they'll be asking you so we already made up what you're reply with. All you have to do is learn your script and that's it. You have 4 hours to memorise it" George answered before leaving my new office. Oh boy, is this gonna be hard

"Ms. Hilvano?" a voice asked from the door. I looked up to see one of the employees carrying an envelope in hand. She was wearing a white top, a black pencil skirt and a tan women's blazer with matching tan pumps. Her hazel hair was neatly put in a bun and she looked quite nervous. Why was she nervous about coming into my office? It was just me

"Yes?" I asked politely, motioning for her to come inside

"Sir George wanted me to give this to you. He said this was what you had to memorise for the meeting later at 2" she replied and placed the envelope on my desk. I looked at it before looking back at her with a smile

"Thank you, you may go now" I said politely. I knew she was uncomfortable and I hated knowing people weren't comfortable with me "Oh, and what's your name?" I asked before she could step out of my office

"Sabrina, Ms. Hilvano" she replied earning a nod from me

"Please, call me Sofia" I smiled at her, earning one back before she left to continue her other works

I took the envelope in my hands and looked inside to see a folder. I looked inside the folder and scanned through all the things I had to memorise.

This was not going to be wasy


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