Never Mix Business With Pleasure (*A Harry Styles Love Story*)

"I told you I can't be there for you" he whispered while backing me up against the wall, his now dark green restricted eyes stared into my blue ones

"But I want you to let me in. I want to see who you are" I whispered back, afraid of how he'd respond. To my surprise, he just stroked my cheek and let out a sigh

"But I told you, I never mix business with pleasure"


4. Chapter 3

Sofia's POV

It was now time for dad's funeral. I can't believe this even happened. I can't believe dad's dead. Why did he have to leave me? Why did he have to leave AFTER mum left?

" Sweetie, they're all waiting for you at the cemetery. They can't start withought you " Nanny said while entering my room

" I don't wanna go, nanny. I don't want to remember that my parents left me. I can't " I replied, tears making their way down my flushed cheeks

" Sweetie, please stay strong. If your dad was alive he wouldn't like to see you trapping yourself inside your room, declining to eat anything " Nanny argued making me let out a sob. It's all too much

" That's the point nanny, he isn't alive " I argued, my own words stinging me

" But IF he was, he wouldn't like what he would see, Sofia " that was the first time I ever heard Nanny call me by my name. She usually calls me 'Sweetie', 'Honey' or 'Sophie'

" Please come with me nanny " I practically begged. I couldn't do this on my own

" I will, sweetie. I will " Nanny assured before she hugged me making me hug back

~~At The Cemetery~~

" We are gathered here today to mourn over our beloved Allan Anthony R. Hilvano's death. May I please call on Sofia Angela Hilvano to say a few words about this amazing man? " the priest asked while motioning towards me making me stand up and walk up front

" Thank you father Anderson " I thanked him before continuing with my speech " My father was a very loving man. He always cared about me having a good life. He always wanted to keep the business going great to ensure his family's future. He never wanted to see us suffering. He would rather suffer than let me and mum suffer. He was a great father as well as a great businessman. I don't know how to describe him any longer but as a caring, sweet, intelligent businessman. But most importantly, a father. And I am proud to say that I am Allan Anthony R Hilvano's daughter. Not because he's rich, but because he's an amazing person " I ended my speech with tears brimming in my eyes. I don't know if I believe EVERYTHING I said. This was my father's funeral so everything that I say about him should at least be positive

I went back to my seat and cried silently, I never let anyone hear me crying. I was never okay with that.


After the funeral ended, me and nanny were about to head back to the car, but one of dad's assistants came over to talk to me, privately

" What is it about, George? " I asked once he took my to the little balcony thing at the cemetery

" It's about the business. Since your father is dead and your father and mother are divorced, you have no choice but to either shut down the business or continue it " George said, seriously. But, I was studying. How was I suppose to study AND work?

" But George, you know I'm still finishing College. I just started " I exclaimed while he just looked at me guiltily

" I hate to say this Sofia, but if you shut down the business the employees and also YOU could suffer. You wouldn't have any other source of income. Hilvano Inc. is the main business and every other business your dad has connects to that so if that business shuts down, so does the other " George explained, giving me a minute to decide " Sofia, you're a smart lady, I hope you make the right decision " George said hopefully. I can't let George and the others lose their job because of my weakness. But I also don't want to give up studying music. But I know in the end I'll have to just choose one

" George......... " I called out just as he was about to be out of my sight. He turned around making me take a sharp intake of breath before continuing

" I'll do it"


Hey guys! Sorry if this was shorter than my past chapters but hey, still pretty long right? Anyway please keep on giving me your feedback and also keep up the likes, favorites and keep on fanning me because it just literally makes my day. ILYGSM!

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