Never Mix Business With Pleasure (*A Harry Styles Love Story*)

"I told you I can't be there for you" he whispered while backing me up against the wall, his now dark green restricted eyes stared into my blue ones

"But I want you to let me in. I want to see who you are" I whispered back, afraid of how he'd respond. To my surprise, he just stroked my cheek and let out a sigh

"But I told you, I never mix business with pleasure"


3. Chapter 2

~~12 Years Later~~

" Dad? " I asked while walking into his office. He was sitting at his desk, on the phone with someone

" Yes, hold on a minute " he said before turning to me " Angela, this is quite important. Can you hold on a minute? " he asked, using my first name. I'm sure it was an important client, because he used my first name, but then again, all his clients are important, because they all have one thing in common. Rich

" Oh, sure dad. Just, ring me when you're finished " I said before leaving his room to go back to my room.

I was going to ask him if he could sign my application form for Music and Arts London Camp. After a few tries of finally literally BEGGING him to agree to me taking Music Arts as my course, he finally agreed. But I knew him well enough to know he still wasn't convinced. I knew from the start he wanted me to take on Business so I can take over his business when he retires, that's why even if it's against my will, I signed up for 2 courses: Music Arts and Business. I knew it was gonna take up my whole week except for Sundays but, Business is what will make dad happy and Music Arts is what will make me happy so I took 2 courses.

~~After 15 Minutes~~

" Sofia, please come to my office " dad said through my reciever. All the rooms here have receivers so we don't really need to walk into the rooms where we want to call someone, since my parents were always so busy

I went back to dad's office to see him waiting. He was sitting on his black, leather chair. He was wearing his black tuxedo that reached his wrists. His air-conditioned room was cold enough that he and I didn't feel hot. I mean, I wad wearing a pale jacket/coat, skinny jeans and my pale sandals

" What did you want to ask Sofia? " he asked while resting his hands on his desk. I took a seat on one of his chairs before answering

" Um dad, I just wanted to ask if you could sign these forms. I need them signed before tomorrow for the course you agreed for me to take, which is Music Arts " I said while showing him the form. He took it from me, put his reading glasses on and read the form. His eyebrows were crunched, which means he was focussing while he read it. His black hair was pulled back, like it normally was and his brown eyes moving, reading the words on the form

" I see, are you really sure you want to take this course? Aren't you still convinced in taking on Business? " he asked while resting the papers on his desk and taking his reading glasses off. His question only made me sigh. He really wants me to take Business, that's why I had no choice but to study Music Arts every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. And study Business on Thursdays, Mondays and Fridays

" I did consider that dad. I'm taking Music Arts every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and study Business every Thursdays, Fridays and Mondays " I said. This made him smile, knowing someone will continue his business once he retires. He wants the WHOLE Hilvano clan to stay rich and powerful. He wants his last name to be known worldwide, which it already is. And most importantly, he wants his only daughter, me, to be the most well-known business woman in the world. I don't really want any of these, but I want to make my parents proud and happy, and this is what my mom wants too

" Good, I'm glad you decided to take over the business when I retire " he said before signing the papers " Here you go, when will your classes start? " he asked while handing me the forms

" Next week. Thank you dad " I said while heading towards the door after he gave me a nod

~~After 5 Weeks~~

" So, do you have classes next Saturday? " my bestfriend, Rein asked me while we sat down at a coffee shop near our school. We were gonna do our assignments here, also so we can have coffee

" Yeah, you know I have classes everyday of the week and my off is only on Sundays " I said while she rolled her eyes

" Why did you even take 2 courses? That's like so tiring " she commented. She was this really 'new' teenage girl while I was this, well, 'matured' teenager. Well, not teenager since we're almost 20 but, we're still 19

" You already know why I took 2 courses. I took 2 courses because- " I started but she cut me off

" Because your dad wanted you to take Business but you wanted to take Music Arts. I know that. What I mean is, why did your dad want you to take Business? He knew you didn't want that " she asked making me sigh. I didn't really tell her about my dad wanting me to take over the business. She knew I was Sofia HILVANO, but she didn't know that my dad wanted the Hilvano clan to ALWAYS be rich and powerful

" Because my dad wants the Hilvano clan to ALWAYS be rich and powerful. He doesn't want the business' success to stop once he retires " I explained while she rolled her eyes again

" Oh whatever, you can't take money on the afterlife so what's the point of being rich before you die, right? Anyway, this is stressing me more than it should. Come on, let's get some coffee and frappe with cookies and cupcakes " she insisted, already daydreaming about what we'll eat while we do our homework for Music Arts. We had the same course so that's where we met

" Hello ma'am goodmorning and what would you like for today? " the cashier asked while flashing us a smile, which we returned before ordering

" Can I please have a chocolate frappe with whipped cream and chocolate drizzles with a side of 2 mini red velvet cupcakes and she'll have...... " Rein trailed off, waiting for me to irder

" A regular cappuccino with creamer and 1 plate of Oreo cheesecake cookie and an Oreo stookie " I replied. Stookie if a cookie inside of a cookie. It was delicious

" Alright, that will be £26.25 " the cashier asked while I gave her my credit card " Thank you and your food and drinks will be out soon " she said while handing me my credit card and the reciet

" C'mon, let's do our homework while we wait for the food " I encouraged Rein while we headed back to our table

~~At Sofia's House~~

" Nanny? Daddy? " I asked while entering the house. It was pretty dark so I opened the lights to see nanny sitting on the sofa " Nanny, what's wrong? " I asked while walking over to her

" Y-Your f-father " she stuttered while pointing to the tv, which was paused. The headlines were:

'BREAKING NEWS! Allan Hilvano, owner of Hilvano Inc., got into a car crashed just moments earlier. Passer-bys who saw the incident said that they were blinded by a flashing light before the incident and then the crash happened. Medics said that Mr. Hilvano was dead on the spot. Stay tune for more informations later'


" S-Sweetie? " Nanny asked while resting his hand on my shoulder. This made me break down. I couldn't take it. It hurt so much. My mom was gone an now so was my dad.


Hey guys! So how's this chapter? Finally a long chapter. So, please give me your feedbacks and ILYGSM!

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