Never Mix Business With Pleasure (*A Harry Styles Love Story*)

"I told you I can't be there for you" he whispered while backing me up against the wall, his now dark green restricted eyes stared into my blue ones

"But I want you to let me in. I want to see who you are" I whispered back, afraid of how he'd respond. To my surprise, he just stroked my cheek and let out a sigh

"But I told you, I never mix business with pleasure"


2. Chapter 1

~~Present Time~~

Sofia's POV

I was at my room, sitting on my bed while on my phone. I was texting my friends telling them I can't go to the mall with them on Saturday because I have to do my English report for this week getting a ' you're a school addict ' reply from them, but luckily they understood

I loved my studies I guess. I always did my best in everything and I always do it to make my parents happy. Especially since they hardly spend time with me anymore. It all started once their business started booming

" Oh you are hopeless! You are so STUPID! " someone shouted from downstairs, startling me from what I was doing before

" What's going on down there? " I asked while hopping off my bed and making my way down the top of the spiral staircase

" It was a mistake! I didn't think that would actually happen! He promised to pay! " I heard my dad shout back

" Why didn't you wait for him to pay?! Why are you so stupid?! " my mom shouted back making my eyes slowly water. They're fighting AGAIN! And from the sound of it, it's because of business AGAIN! I'm so tired of hearing them fight over business over and over again. I'm so tired of hearing them screaming almost everyday. Seriously

" You know what, I've had enough of this Allan! I'm leaving! Goodluck finding a new client withought me. You're keeping Sofia, and I'll be taking my share " I heard my mom say making my eyes widen. W-What d-did s-she j-just s-say?

" M-Mom? D-Dad? " I asked while walking down the staircase making them looking towards my way " W-Why are you shouting? " I stuttered before mom made her way towards me

" Baby girl, mom and dad will be separated and I know that you know it's for the best. You'll be staying with your dad " my mom simply said before walking upstairs to pack her things

" Dad stop her! Don't let her leave, please " I begged my dad while walking closer to him

" You don't want to be apart from her? Fine! Leave with her too! " dad shouted at me which took me aback a bit. They never shouted at me before. Yeah they never had time for me, but they never shouted at me. Never

I felt the tears start to prick my eyes which caused me to run upstairs to my room and lock the door behind me

I walked towards my bed and lifted the mattress up to find my backpack which had a lot of my clothes. It's the same backpack that I take whenever I go to grandma's place, and I'm going right now

I took the backpack and walked towards the door. My Nanny was on break because her father was sick ad she needed to take care of him. Luckily, I knew where Grandma's house was, so I can sneek out everytime

~~Grandma's House~~

" Grandma? " I asked while ringing her doorbell

" Yes? Oh Sofia dear, come in come in " she said and opened the door wider for me to come in " What's the matter this time sweetie? " she asked once we were settles ontop of her sofa

" Nothing grandma. Nanny just left and I'm a bit sad. Also, would you mind if I stay here for a few days? I don't have classes for a week anyway " I lied but from the look I saw in her eyes, she didn't buy it

" Sweetie, I know that isn't true. Don't even try to lie to me because I know you better than you know yourself. Sweetie, you can't fool me. So, what's the real problem? " Grandma asked again making me sigh before answering

" Mom and Dad are separating. I heard them fighting again and Mom said she was leaving Dad and Dad shouted at me when I begged him to stop Mom from leaving " I explained while she just nodded attentively, a sign that she was listening carefully

" Sweetie, I know it hurts to think that your parents won't be together anymore. But remember this, they were slowly drifting apart anyway and you knew from the start it was bound to happen, right? " Grandma said while I nodded as my answer

" Maybe it is for the best. I mean, they always fought anyway " I said and Grandma nodded, telling me it was right

" So, how about we fix ourselves some cookies? " Grandma asked. I also really wanted cookies, bur I was also not in the mood too

" Uh Grandma, maybe I'll pass. I'll be in my room if you need me " I said before kissing her cheek and heading up to my other room

Once I got there, I locked the door behind me and fell to the ground. It still hurts. Even if it was for the best that they go their separate ways, it still hurts. I knew from the start my family was broken, bur i never thought it would physically be broken some day. I just knew emotionally, we were broken. And, it hurts that everyday, when you think about it, I can't do anything to glue us together. Why did we even have to be rich? Why did my Dad and Mom have to have a booming business? Why did I have to have a broken family when kids my age has amazing families?


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