Never Mix Business With Pleasure (*A Harry Styles Love Story*)

"I told you I can't be there for you" he whispered while backing me up against the wall, his now dark green restricted eyes stared into my blue ones

"But I want you to let me in. I want to see who you are" I whispered back, afraid of how he'd respond. To my surprise, he just stroked my cheek and let out a sigh

"But I told you, I never mix business with pleasure"


1. Prologue


" Daddy! Mommy! Look! " I shouted while running up the staircase to my dad and mom's office " Look daddy, look mommy, I won our school's singing competition. I sang 'Isn't She Lovely' and I won! " I stated proudly and happily to my mom and dad. They were either on the phone, signing papers or on the computer at this moment though'

" Yeah sweetie that's real nice. Would you be a dear and leave mommy and daddy alone for a minute? We need to get this client. He is very important for the business sweetie. Now run along an play with whatever you want. Or go to the playground or mall with your babysitter. Just please go " my mom said before she continued to talk to their new client on the phone

That was the same thing that I hear every time they're talking to another client of theirs. It's like everyday they have a new client, and every day, they can never find time for me, their ONLY daughter. Their only child

" Oh, ok mommy. I'll just tell nanny to bring me to grandma's place. Can I? " I asked and they just nodded making me sigh and leave the office " Nanny? " I asked while walking up to her

" Yes Sophie? " she asked while bending down so we had the same height

" Can you bring me to grandma's house? " I asked while fiddling with my fingers

" Alright but, wanna tell me something first? " she asked while looking at me with understanding eyes. I would never ask her to bring me to grandma's house while fiddling with my fingers if I weren't sad

" No, thank you for asking though. I'll just get my bag and can we go by then? " I asked and she nodded before standing

" I'll be waiting by the door " she stated making me nod

I walked up to my room and closed the door behind me. I was feeling the tears about to prick my eyes and I couldn't hide them anymore. I let some fall down my heated cheeks but quickly wiped them off and fixed my face. I don't want any riches if my parents won't even care for me. I would give all of the things I have now just to make my parents care for me for once. I'm only 5 years old but I'm already feeling things a normal 5 year old girl doesn't feel. I find it sometimes unfair how I'm feeling these things

I grabbed my bag with clothes and some things I need. I have a bag like that so I can easily go to grandma's house when I don't want to stay here for a few days. I took it and my stuffed cat named Molly and left for the door where I saw Nanny waiting

" Nanny, I'm ready " I said and she smiled before taking my hand. We usually walked to grandma's house because that way, we get to chat about things longer.

" Ok, now that we're pretty far away from your house, wanna tell me what's wrong? " Nanny asked again while I thought about it, she along with grandma always knows my problems, maybe I should tell her

" Ok, I won our school's singing contest and when I went to show mommy and daddy the medal that they gave me, they were too busy again and told me to leave " I said while she nodded, understanding everything I said

" You know how your parents are Sophie, they work very hard because they want to give you the best life possible. Everything they do is for you " Nanny tried to reason me out, but even if I kept nodding, I know from the very back of my mind that they weren't doing this for me, they were doing this for themselves because they always wanted to be richest, most powerful people in the world. All they cared about was power and money. They never cared for me

" We're here Sophie " Nanny said, snapping me out of my trance of thoughts

" Grandma! " I shouted while ringing her doorbell 3 times in a row.

" Sophie dear " grandma said while opening the door

" Grandma, I missed you " I stated while running up to her and hugging her

" What's the matter this time Sophie? " grandma asked while he led me in. Nanny already left by this time to go back home

" Mommy and daddy didn't care when I told and showed them the medal I received for winning our school's singing contest " I said, the tears threatening to fall again

" Oh Sophie dear, don't cry " grandma said while she led me to the soft 2 person chair she owned " You're parents love you dear, they just have a hard time showing it because they need to work for your future. They want you to have the best life possible and the best future that's why they're doing all this. Everything they do is for you, because they love you " grandma tried to reason me out but that was exactly what nanny said, and it wasn't true

" No gradma, mommy and daddy doesn't love me. Because if they did, they would find time for me even if they have the busiest schedule. They don't care or love me " I said, by this time, the tears were now streaming my now heated cheeks again

" Don't cry Sophie dear, I'm sure they do. Just forget it. Want me to make you you're favourite chocolate chip cookies with chocolate milk and strawberries? " grandma asked making my eyes light up completely, she always knew what would make me happy

" Yes please grandma. And this time, I wanna help " I stated while she just nodded, allowing my idea to take place. She and nanny were always the people who understood me, because even my own parents can't


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