Old Man

Basing her luck off of the appearance of an Old Man, Elodie Alexander discovers a new world, and new friends along the way. She struggles to balance her love life and home life everyday, but the mysterious Old Man might be the life line she was searching for.


1. Prologue


Not Edited.

    The morning air hit me like a slap in the face. The cold bit my cheeks, and pinched my nose. My jet black hair blew away from my face, uncovering my ears. Boston was always cold, but you learn to love it. The cold always jolts me awake, making me aware of every little movement. Which was important where I live.

The walk to school was always my favorite part of the day. I loved how my feet moved on their own. How the trees bent over in greeting. How the morning dew seemed to invite you to curl up in the grass and nap with the beetles.

I looked at the new complex that was built a little while ago. They didn't match Boston. They were too flashy and new. Everything around here was old, bent over with age, and grayed with the sky. But these houses where colorful, new, and seemed to smile at even the worst of people. Maybe that's a good thing. But it didn't seem to be.  

One of the windows of the new houses was open. A dim light illuminated the modern room. An old man sat in a lumpy brown chair, with his lumpy brown body. His beard was long and gray, and his head was bald.

The hair on his head must have moved to his chin, I thought smugly.

The Old man either saw me or had super senses, because he peeked open an eye and stared at me with extreme intensity. His eye was such a brilliant gold, it sent shivers through me. He lifted up a wrinkled brown hand, and waved gently. I nodded, awe-struck. I waddled  away, his golden eye piercing my mind. I looked at my feet as I walked, thoughts coming and going. I approached the school, sighing with frustration. The first say of school is always the worst.   "Well, hey there miss." A deep, aged voice said cheerfully.  

I looked up to meet that golden eye.   

"Well I'll be damned."


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