I never got to say goodbye.

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Lily Anna.


3. Again

"I-I love you," I stuttered through tears. He weakly lifted his hand. "I love you to 'mione." Ron suddenly came over. " FRED," he shouts. "George! Get your butt over here." Wiping his tears, George shuffles over. "Whaddyou-" he looks at me and then Fred. He starts crying tears of joy, and tackles him into a bear hug. It turns out no one had actually checked his pulse, but naturally assumed he was dead after being under a collapsed wall. "Can you walk?" I ask him. "Yes, I believe so." I pull him up and whisper in his ear and hand back the engagement ring. I apparate to my parents house, and even though its against rules, bring them to Hogwarts. I summon a ring box and hand it to him. He whispers to his mum and she herds them all around us, tears of joy glistening in her eyes.

Getting on his knee, he holds my hand. "Hermione Jean Granger, I have loved you from the moment we met. When I first laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one and only in my life. Will you marry me?"


Crying, I manage to stutter a "Yes!" I pull him up and he plants his lips firmly on mine. Mr and Mrs Weasley shoot fireworks out of their wands. My parents look at me, confused. I smack my forehead. "Right, they don't remember me." I reverse the spell and they look at me in a new way. "Honey, I remember now!" My mother grabs my hand. "I am proud of you!" You are the greatest witch of your age, made sure we didn't suffer by wiping our memories, and now your engaged!" She kisses my cheek and Fred wraps his arm around my waist.

"Hermione, can I see the ring?" Ginny comes walking up to me. I show her the ring. " Will you be my maid of honor? You have always been like a sister to me and you would fit the position perfectly." She nodded and wiped a tear away from my eye. "You've grown up so much! Soon you'll be in this position."

Our conversation was cut short by the sound of marching. Neville hobbles out to see whaf was going on followed by another few. I kiss Fred then run outside to see what is happening. I sprint to the front of the crowd. Harrys dead body lays at voldemorts speech. "NO!" I cry out in pain, agony, and despair. I fall forward, meaning to land on the rocks but Ronald catches me. Hugging me from behind he makes sure I don't hurt my self.

Draco walks forward. So does Neville.

Neville opens his mouth. "It doesn't matter that harry is gone," he starts.

"Stand down Neville," Seamus' voice echoes through the crowd.

Neville looks back, but nevertheless, continues. "People die everyday! Friends, family. Yeah, we lost Harry tonight. He's still with us, in here." He taps his heart. "So's Fred, Remus, Tonks, all of them. They didn't die in vain. But you will! Because you're wrong! Harry's heart did beat for us, for all of us. It's not over! " He draws the sword of Gryffindor from the sorting hat, and brandishes it at Voldemort. Harry rolls away from Voldemort. He pulls out his wand and begins the end of the last battle.

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