Jungle fever

Elektra is a young doctor working in Bolivia with doktors without borders, the actor Zachary Levi has been in Bolivia for the charity operation smile, When the local airport is closed they deside to go by jeep to the nearest airport, on the jeep is also a photographer and a biology professor.
After an accident They are thrown out in dangerous adventures and blossomming love in the amazonas jungle.


6. "You Chuck ?"

 *Electra POV*
 I know some of the tribes around here can be agressive, but mostly they are actually very nice, as long as no one pisses them of, but right now that isn't really helpfull, as these people are clearly pissed.
 Something graces my leg and I scream, falling to,the ground, in a flash Zac is next to me. "What happened Doc ? Are you okay ?"
 "My leg, it got graced by an arrow I think". I try to scrable to my feet, hearing the worriers close in on us.
 Zac pulls me to my feet, holding me there as he asks. "Can you put weight on it ? Can you run ?"
 "Yeah, I think I can, it was just a grace, thanks Zac". I say, as we start to run again, trying to catch up to the others, hoping we won't get hit by the arrows.
 My lungs are starting to burn and I know I can't run much further, I can hear from the others laboured breathing that they are close to being out of energy too.
 "Do we have a chance in a fight ?" Zac asks Dean, panting hard, and I can see the sweat run over his face.
 Dean shakes his head, his words are a bit studdering from the breathing. "No, they are to good at hiding, we would never get them all before we were filled with arrows.
 After what seems like forever we get to a ravine with an old hanging bridge over and Dean yells. "If we can reach the other side and cut the rope, we will be able to get away, but we need to go slow and one at the time".
 I am in the front as we get to the bridge and Dean stops. "Doc goes first, she is the lightest, the the professor, Robert, Zac and I go last".
 As I start to walk slowly out on the bridge, Zac chuckles and say. "Am I the only one who thinks this is very Indiana Jones ?"
 "Shut up Zac". Me and Dean says at the same time and he smiles sheepishly and shrugs.
 *Zac POV*
 As we hear the first warriors in the forest, Robert pushes past me, running out on the bridge. "I am not standing here waiting to die".
 "Fuck". Dean mutters and I realise what will happen, the bridge wont hold and I yell to Elektra. "Doc get back here, now, the bridge is going to fall".
 She turns and looks at me, with panic on her beautiful face as Robert pushes her aside, and she starts running back towards us, but I know she wont make it.
 My instincts take over and I run to the edge, just as I see the bridge give in I yell at her. "Jump Doc".
 She jumps and I throw myself forward, just excatly getting a hold of her hand, slamming into the ground, feeling a sharp pain in my side, but focussing on holding on to Elektras hand.
 Then Dean is there, helping my pull her up on safe ground, and I see that Robert is hanging by one hand about two metres down, on what is left of the broken bridge.
 "Robert let go of the back, crawl up and grab my hand". I reach as far down as I can, but even my long arms is about half a metre short of reaching him.
 He shakes his head, looking down on the river, far far below. "No it is to valuable, I can't let it fall".
 "You life is more valuable". Then something downs on me. "That is not a camera in there is it ? What have you stolen ?"
 "Oh God". Dean says. "You have stolen something from the tribe right ? Something holy to them, that is why they are after us, you fucking idiot".
 Robert don't answer, but his fave tells us it is the truth and right now I am almost sorry I saved him back at the bar, he might very well get us all killed. "Robert throw the bag up here, so you have your arm free".
 "No, you just steal it". He answers and I am close to being more pissed than the locals. "Throw the fucking back up here, I am trying to save your worthless life".
 Apparently he realise, that he has no choice, and he throws up the bag, I reach down to try and get him, my side still burning with pain. But then there are a lot of noise from the edge of the forest and someone yells. "Stop".
 I turn around and gets up, standing almost face to face with a tall warrior, but I am still a bit taller than him. "The stone". He say holding out his hand.
 "I think it is in the bag". I say, slowly picking up the camera bag, opening it, and pulling out the biggest diamond I have ever seen, gasping sligtly, but placing in the warrior's hand.
 He looks at it and nod, handing it to one of the other warriors, whoputs it in a woven basket, then he looks at me again. "The thief ?"
 I point over the edge, swallowing, I feel dizzy and I must admit I am a bit scared for what will happen to us.
 He looks over the edge, then turns to nod towards two warriors, whom starts to cut the cords to the last park of the bridge, which will make Robert fall to his dead.
 "No stop, you can't do that". I reach out to grab the warriors arm, but stop when all arrows instantly points towards me and I hold my hands up in surrender.
 We all hear Robert scream as he falls, then silence. Dean steps forward, trying to speak out case I think, as he is not speaking a language I know.
 But a warrior pushed him to his knees, pulling out a big knife and without thinking I push myself between them, looking at the warrior. "Please, we didn't know he had stolen your stone".
 Suddenly the tall warrior, I think he is their chieftain, looks at me and he says probably the last thing I expected him to say. "You Chuck ?"
 "Uh yes he is, he is Chuck". Elektra say stepping up beside me, then she looks at me and her face goes pale. "Zac you are hurt".
 I look down and realise why my side keeps burning, there is a twenty centimetres long thumb thick splinter from the bridge poking out from just above my hip and my T-shirt is soaked in blood.
 "Oh shit". Is all I manage to do and then I do a probably very Chuck like thing, I feel everything go black and faint.

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