Jungle fever

Elektra is a young doctor working in Bolivia with doktors without borders, the actor Zachary Levi has been in Bolivia for the charity operation smile, When the local airport is closed they deside to go by jeep to the nearest airport, on the jeep is also a photographer and a biology professor.
After an accident They are thrown out in dangerous adventures and blossomming love in the amazonas jungle.


1. "Yeah just about, we're only missing the actor"

*Elektra POV*
 I sigh as I walk out from the hotel, after 8 months in Bolivia for doctors without borders, I am finally on my way home, I love my work, but with time there is just some things you come to miss.
 It is a hot day, and I put down my duffel bag, pulling my long caramel coloured hair back into a low messy bun, putting an elastik band around it. 
 Then I spot the big jeep and pick my bag back up, walking over to the car, and throwing the bag in the back of the vehicle, looking at the driver. "Hey Dean".
 "Hey Doc, going back home for a while ?" Dean say, lighting a cigarette while he looks at me over the rim of his shades.
 I smile, I have made the drive with Dean before, and I have gone with him to visit villages in the jungle were a doctor is badly needed. "Yup, need to get back to civilisation for just a minute".
 "Well the airport is closed, so we are filled up this time". He says and go to help a nervous looking middle aged man load a trunk on board, he looks like some kind of professor.
 Five minutes later another man emerge, he looks like some host of a wild life tv show, short blonde hair, tanned skin and startling blue eyes, he is in khaki shorts and a button down with short sleeves and he has a camera back over his shoulder.
 After he has loaded his bag, he walks over smiling, extending his hand to me and I grab it. "Well hallo there, I guess we are travel companions, I am Robert Hanson".
 "Nice to meet you Robert, I am Elektra Hart, but people calls me Doc, and yes it seems we are". I am not sure about him, he seems, I don't know, shady in some way.
 Dean comes back over and I look at him asking. "Are we about ready to go ?" 
"Yeah just about, we're only missing the actor". He says with a big grin, and nods toward a man coming out of the fancy hotel on the other side of the street.
 I arch one eyebrow at Dean, then look at the man again saying in a bemused voice. "The actor ?"
 *Zac POV*
 "Don't worry David, it is a totally safe trip through the outskirts of the rainforest, and it is better than waiting here for days for the airport to re-open". I say into my phone, which is held to my ear by my shoulder.
 When I finally gets David to hang up I try to put my phone back in my pocket, and somehow manage to trip over the high curb, falling flat on my face in front of my travelling companions.
 As I get up, I see a slim female hand extended towards me and I grab it getting up, sending her a smile. "Thank you, sorry for being such a clutch. I am Zac by the way".
"Elektra, but everyone calls me Doc". She says, smiling back at me. She has a strong but beautiful face, her eyes a rare golden like brown I haven't seen before.
 I can't help noticing how long and shapely her legs are, as she bend down and picks up my bag, handing it to me. "You dropped this".
"Thank you". I say, going to put it in the back of the jeep. I don't know why, but I kind of get the feeling that she is looking at me with overbearence, like I am a joke to her.
 I say hi to the driver Dean, Robert who is a prize winning photographer and professor Dahl who is a biologist and have been her to study rare animals.
 Me, I have been here with operation smile, a charity I support, and I have important things back in LA, that is why I choose to drive to another airport and not sit here wating, and maybe also because I have never been good at just waiting.

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