Jungle fever

Elektra is a young doctor working in Bolivia with doktors without borders, the actor Zachary Levi has been in Bolivia for the charity operation smile, When the local airport is closed they deside to go by jeep to the nearest airport, on the jeep is also a photographer and a biology professor.
After an accident They are thrown out in dangerous adventures and blossomming love in the amazonas jungle.


5. "No, just knocked the wind from me, but could you please move your knee ?"

 *Zac POV*
 My ears are ringing and it hurts were the seatbelt is digging into my shoulder, I slowly open my eyes to find myself hanging upside-down, kept in the seat of the turned over jeep by the seatbelt.
 I manage to unbuckle myself, groaning as I fall to the ground, seems like I am doing a lot of falling today. I crawl out the jeep and get up, looking around to assess the damage.
 There is a large crater in the road, apparently we hit some kind of mine or bomb, throwing the jeep of the road. Then I see Dean in the grass, he wasn't wearing a seat belt and has been thrown from the jeep.
 I kneel down next to him, he is unconscious, but his breathing is steady, and he don't seem to have any bad injuries, just some minor cuts and scrapes just as myself.
 There is a sound from the jeep, and I hurry over to check on the others, it is Elektra, trying to get free from her seatbelt, but it seems to be jammed.
 "Stay still Doc, I will get you out. Are you injured ?" I ask, as I check out the professor, he is unconscious too, but alive, and I manage to get him unbuckled and moved out of the car.
 "I think, I am okay, but can you get this seatbelt opened ? I am stuck". She says, sounding a bit shaken.
 I manage to crawl under her, there is not much space, and I reach up, trying to get the seatbelt opened, but it is totally jammed. "Can you stay perfectly still Doc, I will have to cut you loose".
 I pull Earls knife from the sheath in my belt and she look at me with big eyes. "You keept the knife ?"
 "Well he told me I won it fair and square, thought it might come in handy and well it did". I say with a small smile, assessing were to cut the seatbelt.
 I take a breath and look up at her, from where I am practically laying underneath her. "Are you ready Doc ?"
 "As ready as I get I think". She says, sending me a smile and I pull the seatbelt as far from her as I can, and cut it with the knife.
*Elektra POV*
 As he cuts the seatbelt I tumble down literally on top of him, strong arms steadying me and I hear a gasp, I raise my head looking at him. "Uhh sorry, hope I didn't hit you to hard".
 "No, just knocked the wind from me, but could you please move your knee ?" He says, looking both breathless and a bit in pain.
 I look down and realise my kneed is in a rather sensitive area and I hurry to move my knee. "Whoops, I am so sorry Zac".
 "Don't worry, it is not like you had any saying in how you landed". He says rather graciously.
 Suddenly I am very aware that I am laying on top of him, my legs straddling his thighs, my breasts pressed against his chest, he is warm and I can help noticing his scent, it is masculine, clean and a bit spicy.
 "He you two, we don't have time for hanky panky now". Dean says with a grin, as he pokes his head in through the door, hadn't I been this happy to see him alive I would have kicked him.
 I crawl of Zac and out the jeep, he follows me. I see the professor is sitting, cradling his head and Robert is washing a gash on his leg, he must have been thrown from the vehicle.
 "So what happened Dean ?" I look at him, it had sounded like some kind of ekplosion.
 He points to the road. "Some kind of homemade mine left by one of the guerrilla groups I guess, by we are not going any farther in the jeep, I need to go back to Jacks and get a new car".
 We start unloading the jeep and Dean grabs a rifle slinging it over his shoulder, the he looks around. "You better get armed to, just for ekstra safety".
 He pulls out another rifle and two hand guns, the professor immediately says. "I am very much against guns, so I can't carry one".
 "Can you handle a semi automatic rifle ?" Dean looks at Zac, who nods, and catches the rifle, slinging it over his shoulder.
 Robert looks offended. "Hey how come he gets the rifle, he is just an actor, 
I have been in war zones ?"
 "Because I trust Zac with a rifle, You I don't trust so much, but you can have this". Dean says, tossing Robert a hand gun, the second hand gun he hands to me.
 Dean leaves, telling us it might be a couple of hours and that we need to stay were we are and only use the weapons if absolute necessary.
 But less than ten minutes later Dean comes running back, out of breath. "Grab everything you can carry, we need to leave right now".
 "What is happening ?" Zac jumps up from where he had sad down, grabbing  his backpack.
 Dean pulls out a backpack too, filling water and ammunition in it. "Local tribal warriors and they are pissed about something".
 To prove his point and arrow fly close past his head and impales a tree close by, making everyone gasp.
 The professor is stuffing things from his trunk in a backpack and Robert has grabbed his camera bag. I leave my duffelbag, it is big and clumsy and only hold clothes, all my papers and money I have in my bag pocket.
 "Into the forest, now". Dean yells, is two more arrows fly close by, and we all run like we have the devil on our tail.

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