Jungle fever

Elektra is a young doctor working in Bolivia with doktors without borders, the actor Zachary Levi has been in Bolivia for the charity operation smile, When the local airport is closed they deside to go by jeep to the nearest airport, on the jeep is also a photographer and a biology professor.
After an accident They are thrown out in dangerous adventures and blossomming love in the amazonas jungle.


8. "Hi, mind if I join you ?"

 *Elektra POV*
 I am awaked by an amused laughter, and I look up to see Dean stand with his arms crossed, looking very amused. "So Doc, starting to warm up to our actor I see".
 "Oh shut up Dean, he was shaking and rattling his teeth the poor thing, I just wanted to give him a bit of warmth". I say, trying to free myself, but to no avail, he is laying halfway on top of me, long arms and legs folded around me.
 He just shrug. "Well I think it would be good for you, it is about time you find yourself a good man and get a couple of kids, and well he might be an actor, but I actually think he is one of the good ones".
 "Well I am sure he is, but I am not looking for a relationship, now please help me move this lump, he is much heavier than he looks". I say, trying to push Zac of me, nothing that his fever really has broken and he is almost back to normal temperature now.
 Dean helps me by moving him a bit, to allow me to come free and get up, stretching my sore body, hearing my stomach rumble rather loudly.
 "Go grab something to eat Doc, I can stay here if he should wake up". Dean says and I nod, finding my way down between the huts, in search of something to eat.

 *Zac POV*
 I wake up, feeling sore in my intire body, knowing I have been have a high fever, but I can also feel that it is gone now and I sit up slowly, looking around.
 I am in some kind of hut, and Dean is sitting cross-legged on the floor grinning at me. "Well good morning Zac, nice to have you back among the living".
 "Have I been out long ? What happened ?" I try to remember what happened, but have some vague memory about my sister, David and some dragons, dragons ? Where the fuck did the dragons come from.
 And I remember something about Elektra, but I am not sure if it is fever dreams or she has been here. "You have been out for 4 days, your wound got infected".
 "So no problems with the natives after I passed out ?" I look down myself noticing the bandage around my body, and it hurts a bit as I move, but nothing I can't handle.
 Dean shakes his head getting up. "No, appearently the chieftan is a big fan of yours, want to come get some food ?"
 "Actually I would really appreciate a bath, is that in any way possible around here ?" I feel clammy and sweaty, after several days of high fever and it would be so good to feel clean.
 He motions for me to follow him out of the hut. "If you follow this path, and go through the bushes when the path turns, you come to a secluded little lake wit a waterfall, it is perfectly private and safe to bathe in".
 "Thank you, I will go take a shower before getting some food then". I say smiling grabbing my back pack, happy to have a set of clean clothen in it.
The sun is hot on my skin, the humid jungle air saturating my clothes, my pack feels heavy after days in bed. 
 I walk i to the bushes were Dean told me to and finally, when I was about to turn around, I break free from the stifling underbrush to the banks of a soft azure blue lake. 
 I am overtaken by the beauty and stillness of the lake. I look around and see nature like I have never seen before. I take their packs off and then after making sure here is no one, I pull off my clothes and walks into the small lake.
 *Elektra POV*
 "Hey Dean were was that lake you told me about ?" I ask as I see him, I am in dire need of a bath by now.
 He smiles at me. "You just follow that path, and go through the bushes when the path turns, the place is totally private and totally safe".
 "Thank you, I will just jo grab a barh then". I say as I walk down the path, my own clothes clean in my hand after being washed, and I am wearing a dress borrowed from one of the women in the village.
 I easily find my way there, but as I exit the bushes I see that it is not that private, I am not alone, someone is standing on the wide legde under the small waterfall and I soon realise that it is Zac.
 I can't help but watch as the water cascades over his naked form, he is tall and slim, he got rather muscular legs and some impressive upper arms, the rest of his body is defined but not pumped, I most definitely like what I see.
 I know this might be a wrong thing to do, but I make a swift decision, an take of my clothes, he has his back turned, and the waterfalls makes sure he can't hear me.
 As I get under the waterfall, I press my naked body against his back and he snaps around startled, I smile up at him. "Hi, mind if I join you ?"
 He doesn't say anything, he just cuddles closer, as he puts his arm around my back. He then reaches over and ever so softly touches my face, then he pulls me ever so gently into him, so he can kiss me softly. 
 He parts my lips with his tongue so he can enter my mouth, I don't resist at all, In fact I welcome his tongue into my mouth, as I anticipates his next move. 
 He takes his hand off of my face and puts both hands around my waist, 
I look deep into his eyes and sees a desire that matches my own. I feels a warmth of desire and passion pass through me.
  I grab him by the face and kisses him so deeply and passionately that I can feel him get harder and harder.
 He grabs me so quickly and swiftly and gently lays me down on the ledge behind the waterfall, and he is kissing me again before I know what has happened. 
 He pulls from my mouth as I arches for more kisses, but he is already kissing down my neck and around to nibble on my ears. He whispers in my ear how beautiful I am and how much he wants me. 
 Then he starts to kiss around to the front of my neck and begins down in-between my breasts. His hands are gently caressing my breasts, he takes his thumb and forefinger and gently massages my nipples.
 I am arching with pleasure, then he takes his soft mouth and just slightly wisps each breast, by now I am moaning and the heat inside me is turning into a fiery passion that I may not be able to control much longer. 
He begins to move down my stomach and nibbles along the way, he reaches the area under my navel, there he lingers with his tongue and hot breath on my skin.
 He reaches down to my knees and brings his hands ever so softly and gently along the inside of my thighs, I moan, I know that it wont be long till I am begging.
 He looks up into my eyes and sees the same desire that is in him, he takes his time, to tease me, then he continues to kiss down across the top of my pubic area.
 I am arching underneath his hot watering mouth, he gets to my hot center and just slightly touches It with his tongue, I moan in agony as I wants him like I never wanted any man before.
 He moves a little further and moves his tongue inside me, oh God, I am sure he feels me wetness pouring out of me, he moves it slowly in and out, I know I get wetter and wetter, I moans, I beg breathlessly, before he moves back up.
 As he moves up to my mouth, he kisses and nibbles along the way, stopping at my breasts to tease some more, I can feel his hardness on the inside of my thigh and it only heats my inside more up.
 He reaches my mouth and plunges his tongue deep inside and then he plunges so very gently inside me, filling me completely and I moan deeply.
 I arches my back again, oh God, this must be what it feels like to be in heaven, we begin to move in a steady welcomed movement, like we have been together forever, like we are one with each other and one with the earth, our rhythm matches that of the jungle around us.
 Soon neither of us can take it any longer, and we erupt into complete oneness, chanting each others name in prayers of extasy.

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