Jungle fever

Elektra is a young doctor working in Bolivia with doktors without borders, the actor Zachary Levi has been in Bolivia for the charity operation smile, When the local airport is closed they deside to go by jeep to the nearest airport, on the jeep is also a photographer and a biology professor.
After an accident They are thrown out in dangerous adventures and blossomming love in the amazonas jungle.


7. "Doc I am freezing soo much, please"

 *Elektra POV*
 At least the tribes warriors didn't want to kill us anymore, after getting their diamond back and recognising Zac, I still couldn't believe a native indian in the rain forest had recognised him before me.
 Dean was talking to the chief while I was examining Zac, luckily I find that the splinter has gone clean through his side, not reaching any organs, had there been damage to internal organs I couldn't have done much here in the jungle.
 "We can come with them to the village, getting some food and supplies and you can patch up Zac, before we walk back to Jacks". Dean comes over telling me.
I can see that some of the worriers are already making a gurney for Zac, I look at Dean. "I need you to pull out the splinter".
 "Is it safe to just pull it out ? Well if you say so I guess it is, you are the doctor after all". Dean say mostly to himself, before grabbing the big splinter, pulling it out.
 Even unconscious Zac moans slightly, I really hope this wound won't get infected, it would be bad out here and the infection could attack his organs, I pour some water over it to clean it as good as I can.
 Luckily Dean has a bandage in his bag, and I wrap it tightly around the wound to stop the bleeding, watching as Dean and a warrior gets him on the gurney.
 I walk next to him, carrying his backpack and the rifle, once again wondering how I could misjudge his man so much, he just saved my life, injuring himself badly in the process, not much spoiled diva about him.
 *Zac POV*
 I slowly wake up, feeling like I am on fire, trying to pull at what feels like a heavy quilt covering me, moaning with pain as I move, my side hurts like hell, and I try to remember what is happening.
 It feels like I am being choked under so ething hot and heavy, and I start to slightly panic, it is way to hot and I can't breathe.
 "Zac relax, you are running a very high fever, because of an infected wound, here drink some water". I hear a soothing voice and feel water on my lips and I drink greedily.
 It helps a bit with the dry feeling in my throat and the feeling of being engulfed in something way to hot.
 I try to focus, to find out were I am, but it is just to hard, and I feel a cool and on my forehead and a soft voice whispering. "Sleep Zac, you will feel better afterwards I hope".
 The voice is slightly familiar and I trust it, so I let the exhaustion pull me back under, where there is no pain and no suffocating feeling.

 *Elektra POV*
 Unfortunately Zac got an infection from the old wood and he is running a very high fever, I have been afraid we would loose him several times, I got no antibiotics here to give him, but the village elder has given me so e plants to put on the wound to draw out the infection.
 He is clearly having fever dreams and hallucinations, he keeps taking to a Shekinah, and I wonder if it is his girlfriend or wife, but I see no wedding ring on his hand.
 He is allso talking quite a lot to someone named David, telling him that he kan handle himself and that the dragons wont get him, well he is running a very high fever, I see no dragons.
 On the third day while I am sitting next to him, putting cold water on his forehead, thinking how distracting it is sitting here looking at him, his body covered in a thin layer of sweat.
Yeah well I had to pull of his clothes except for his boxers, at his temparature is so high, and I have to admit I quite enjoy the sight of his slim strong body with the dark cover of hair on the chest.
 "No David, no need to worry, I am with a doctor, yes she is a she and she is very beautiful and sexy, but I am sure she still knows what she is doing". Zac starts rambling in his fever sleep again, making me blush slightly.
 He chuckles and smile, and I can't help smiling too, he looks so adorable. "Oh no I haven't kissed her, she just see me as a big clutch, so I would just embarrass myself".
 "Not anymore Zac". I whisper to myself, I most definitely see him as much more by now and I find myself wondering how I would react if he kissed me.
 Suddenly he sit up, his eyes still bright with fever, but he is shaking slightly. "Doc I am freezing soo much, please".
 He is looking almost scared holding out his arms towards me, clattering his teeth, and I know he is getting cold because the fever is about to break. I feel sorry for him and I let him pull me into his arms, letting him feel the warmth from my body.
 As he lets himself back down on his back, pulling me almost on top of him, hugging me close to him, like I am some kind of teddy bear, but actually I feel quite comfortable despite the warmth comming from his body.
 And after a couple of days with very little sleep, I soon find myself drifting off in his arms, cradled close to his still feverish body.

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