Jungle fever

Elektra is a young doctor working in Bolivia with doktors without borders, the actor Zachary Levi has been in Bolivia for the charity operation smile, When the local airport is closed they deside to go by jeep to the nearest airport, on the jeep is also a photographer and a biology professor.
After an accident They are thrown out in dangerous adventures and blossomming love in the amazonas jungle.


2. "And they said chivalry is dead"

 *Zac POV*
 It is a bit of a bumpy ride as the road isn't always that good and I am quite happy to be up front next to Dean, having my own seat, so etimes being really tall has it perks, as I couldn't really fit my legs in the back.
 I like our driver Dean, he seems like a man who's seen a lot and who has an open mind toward people and he got a dry sense of humor.
 The professor seems nice enough, but he gives of a nervous vibe, like he is afraid someone is after him, so he mostly sit looking out the window and don't really talk to the others.
 Robert, the photographer, on the other hand don't shut up, he is clearly trying to impress Elektra, talking about all the amazing and heroic things he has done, making me want to snort, to be honest, I didn't believe him for a second.
 And the young doctor doesn't seem impressed either, I have a feeling she is not easy to impress this one, but I have to admit I am impressed by her, I heard her tell she has been her for 8 moths for doctors without borders and that it is her fourth time being here with them.
 Sometimes I really wish I could do something like that, really help people, like hands on, not only through donations and making others aware, it is not that I want to be a hero, I just want to help, to make the world better.
 After about 4 hours on the road, Dean pulls in besides this big wooden shack, looking like a bar out of some old movie about people ekploring the jungle. I has a crooked sign above the door saying 'Jacks'
 "We are taking a thirty minutes break here before going into the jungle, make sure to hydrate and better get some food to". Dean says turning of the engine. "Oh and don't mess with the locals".
 I take make my phone out to check if I have gotten any messages, but there is almost no signal here, so I put it back in my pocket.
When I turn to exit the jeep I see Doc pull a bottle of water from her bag, taking a big gulp of it, then she leans her head back and pours the water over her face.
 I have to admit I find myself go dry in the throat as I watch the water run over her face and splash over her white tank top and short cut of jeans.
 Don't stare, I slap myself mentally, and swing my legs out the jeep, crashing smack on my face for the second time today with a surprised grunt.

 *Elektra POV*
 I hear a thud and a grunt and turn to see the tall lanky actor sprawled on the ground again, apparently his foot got entangled in the seat belt as he exited the jeep.
 He might be handsome, but he doesn't seem exactly used to this life and I wonder what he is doing here at all.
 I shake my head, I've known actors, I grew up in Hollywood, but I left a long time ago, and never looked back, but most of them struck me as self absorbed prima donnas with no other skills than pretending to be someone else.
 He grabs my hand as I extent my hand to him, those long finger closing around my much smaller hand and he sends my a bright smile as he gets up. "Thank you.. Again".
 "You are welcome, but you might want to look where you put those big feet of yours". I say smiling back, he really has big feet, and as I look up at him I realise how tall he is, I am 5'9, but he is still almost a head taller than me.
 He brushes of his clothes and look at me. "You been here before right ? What did Dean mean by, don't mess with the locals ?"
 "Most locals here don't really trust outsiders and they can be a bit.. Well confrontational, but don't let them get to you or they see it as a provocation, just ignore them or laugh with them". I tell him.
 I am thinking that I might have seen him before somewhere, he looks familiar, what was his name ? Zac, well doesn't really ring a bell, but I don't watch much tv or movies.
 "Ladies first". He opens the door to me and holds out his hand. I chuckle and walk inside. "And they said chivalry is dead".

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