Danganronpa: Greater than Despair

set in an alternate timeline from the first game , only 4 months after makoto and the other survivors of the mutual killing game beat junko and left hope's peak academy , they get a letter from the mastermind herself and this time she's.. begging for their help?!


2. more insane than before

‘’I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me!’’

‘’sigh* you really are something else you know that junko?

In response she turned and smiled at me. That was the last kind of interaction we’d had because I hadn’t heard or seen her since, her or the others for that matter.  Then one day mom came back from the mail with a letter addressed to me from hope’s peak. As soon as I read the first line I knew who it was from.

Hey Makoto , you nuisance

 I can’t believe I’m even about to write this, but I hope you’re doing well, better than I am right now

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that alter ego or whatever you called that piece of junk was right, something really terrible has happened to me. The bad news is I don’t like it. I usually like it when I get to experience disaster, but this time I can’t stand it. I need your help makoto. I’m not going to force you to help me but I would appreciate the assistance, as much as I hate to say that.

You guys were curious right?


‘’yeah we did say that’’ I said to myself before taking a deep breath

P.S:  if you decide to show up , come to the school tomorrow around one . I will explain everything then.

I had second thoughts but I ultimately decided to go. Yes I was aware that Junko could very well be playing a trick on me but there was only one way to find out. I stood there staring in awe at the very tall building that was hope’s peak academy, just like I had done when I first enrolled. It still had that effect on me. The first person to interrupt my on looking was kyoko. I didn’t mind that one bit.

‘’what are you doing makoto?’’

‘’oh hey kyoko , sorry I know I must look like a fool right now’’ I said as I feigned a laughed.

‘’not at all , you got a letter from Junko as well?

‘’yeah , wait you got one to?

Kyoko showed me a letter I somehow didn’t see she was holding.

‘’I think she wrote one to all of us’’ kyoko assumed.


Sure enough the rest showed up in group form , and shockingly Byakuya was with them.

‘’hey there makoto , kyoko how have you been? Taeko asked.

‘’I was ok , until I got that letter from junko’’ I said.

‘’ditto’’ taeko , hina , kyoko and yasuhiro all said at once.

Of course Byakuya chose to see things from a different perspective.

‘’you all are such fools , I for one can’t wait to see this delema that swine has gotten herself into’’

‘’w-wait for m-me master’’

The rest of us shook our head in disdain for not only toko but Byakuya as well. Nevertheless we didn’t waste any more time and followed in after them.

‘’you know I wish she would have told us specifically where to go’’ I said.

‘’seriously , we can't help her if we don’t know exactly where she is’’ Hina said.


Yasuhiro looked like he wanted to finish a thought but decided against it.

‘’maybe we should try the gym’’kyoko said.

‘’is that what you were about to say yasuhiro?

‘’uh no actually, but yeah lets do that’’

‘’anything is better than just standing here’’ Byakuya said.

With hope of finding Junko we headed for the gym.

‘’Hey Junko! We’re here , you better not have made us come back here for nothing got it!’’

After a few minutes of silence we finally heard a voice , a very recognizable one at that.

‘’oh no trust me when I say you all have returned for a reason’’

‘’monokuma!’’ I yelled out.

‘’yes that’s right, it’s the one and only monokuma at your service!’’

‘’well not at your service , more like at your disservice’’

‘’errr! Junko what did I just say! I thought-

‘’makoto wait! That’s not junko’’ kyoko interrupted.

‘’its someone else this time’’

‘’how can you tell?

‘’he hasn’t said much , but I can tell from the way he’s talking it’s not her’’

‘’don’t ask me why I know that I just do’’

So if that’s not junko where is she?! She’s monokuma’s creator for god sakes! I find it hard to believe she would allow anyone else to control him!

‘’if someone else is controlling monokuma somehow I think they will be worse than her’’ Yasuhiro said.

‘’you got that right’’ taeko said.

‘’your right it will get worse!’’ monokuma said.

‘’worse for the 6 of you and her!’’

‘’s-sso you’re not Junko then? Toko asked.

‘’no I’m not!’’

Monokuma climbed up on stage and turned his attention to behind the curtain.

‘’junko come on out and explain! Now!

A masked figured answered this monokuma’s call and appeared before us. The person was wearing the same joker like mask that mukuro used when she tried to kill me. I could tell it was Junko though because she was wearing her usual black cardigan sweater over her dress shirt. She took off the mask , and what revealed itself proved to be too shocking for me to speak.

‘’wh-what in the hell is that!?’’ Byakuya asked for all of us.

It was like junko was losing what humanity she had left. The left side of her face was completely normal , while the other looked like it was being absorbed by monokuma himself.


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