Danganronpa: Greater than Despair

set in an alternate timeline from the first game , only 4 months after makoto and the other survivors of the mutual killing game beat junko and left hope's peak academy , they get a letter from the mastermind herself and this time she's.. begging for their help?!


1. doing the unthinkable

Hope’s peak Academy..the school I thought I’d never come back to for another 10 years at least. Yet 4 months after my friends and I escaped that danm hell, here we are again. My name is makoto Naegi , and right now I don’t even have the words to describe the situation I’m in. having said that the best way for me to make any sense of what’s happening would be to tell you how I got back to hope’s peak so fast.


In order to explain this well I need to start at the day of the last class trial. The 7 of us , Byakuya , toko , kyoko , Hina , yasuhiro , celeste and myself had just beaten monokuma and figured him out be junko Enoshima. She was the one behind the whole killing game , and she was about to kill herself like she agreed to do if she lost.

‘’Junko wait!’’ I shouted.

‘’huh? what makoto?’’ Junko asked.

‘’don’t do it don’t, kill yourself! Come with us instead’’

Junko’s face looked like it was about to twitch ‘’Huh? Why should I do that? You moron

‘’I said I’d punish myself if I lost remember?

‘’yeah I know but I don’t want you to do that!’’

‘’correction: we don’t want you to do that’’ Celeste said.

‘’minutes before this trial , alter ego not only revealed to us who you were but he also asked us to save you’’ kyoko explained.

‘’and I want to know why’’

‘’tsk , I knew I should have gotten rid of that piece of junk when I had the chance’’

‘’look Junko none of us will ever forgive you for putting us through this hell’’ I said.

‘’But for some reason we’ve been asked by our dear friend to get you out of here , and just like kyoko my curiosity has the better of me at the moment’’

Everyone else agreed except Byakuya somewhat’’

‘’personally Junko I have no problem with what you did , I was actually quite entertained by your little game’’ he said.

‘’but I must admit I’m also intrigued by what that fool meant when he said ‘’something worse than death would befall you’’

‘’really? He said that?

Junko couldn’t contain her maniacal laughter ‘’alright you win, I’ll go with you’’

‘’somehow I knew that would get her’’ Hina claimed.

‘’same here’’ kyoko said.

‘’that was very clever indeed’’ celeste said.

‘’that’s m-mmy master for you , always knowing what buttons to push at what time’’ toko said.

‘’I never thought I’d end up agreeing with toko of all people’’ yasuhiro said.

And so as odd as it was , the seven of us left and graduated from hope’s peak Academy , along with the one we hated the most. Little did we know all this was just the start of our pain.

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