I love you?

Does Tyler love Josh? Will he tell him? When will he say it if he says anything at all? Does Josh feel the same way?


11. Tljsh 1st day of skool

Tyjo cri wen he seed Tljsh wak into da skool. it wuz hims furst day. Jish cum4t tyjo but tyjo push jish away. jish falld.

"hay!" jish yel frum da flor. 

"wuttt" tyjo sed skard.

"nufin bby" jish say getted up. 


-free minuts l8r-

Tljsh wakd out of da skool. 

"welp. dat wuz ,u ;ast day of senur yeer!" he sayd and moved out. he drived away and stuk up his meany finger to hims parnts. 

tyjo cri and jish laf. 

''y u alwayz crin'' jish asd Tyjo.

"cuz i pregnint." tyjo say. he widend his eyz and coverd his mouth. "i meen...uhhh...cuz i kan" he tri to say but jish kno he wuz lying.

"o..." jish say. "kool"

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