I love you?

Does Tyler love Josh? Will he tell him? When will he say it if he says anything at all? Does Josh feel the same way?


2. First date....

Jish wakd up to Tyjo's hous and noked on the dore. Tyjo opend the dore with his elboes cuz his hands wer wet. I don't kno y just cuz. Jish smild and wakd in without invitaton. Tyjo blinkd in kunfuson. Jishwa sitted down on the couch. Tyjo sitted next to him. Tyjo dryd his handz and they getted up. Jish wakd to the dore and so did Tyjo. They went to a koffy plase and got koffy. Tyjo compland about his job and Jish compland about his other dum band member. 

After koffy, Tyjo went home with Jish. Brandon Urine cald them teling them to go to the church cuz he waz geting maryed. Jish and Tyjo got up and drived to the church. 

Brandon Urine and Sara, without an "H", wakd down the isle holding handz. Jishwa and Tyjo went home after cuz it waz boring. Jishwa sitted on Tyjo's bed. Tyjo went in and seed him. 

"Hey seccy" Tyjo sed.

"Wanna frik??" Jish askd. Tyjo noded and they frikd. But didn't use condoments so...

Tyjo getted up and taked a shower. Jish went home wen he wuz in there. Jish falled asleep wen he got home. Tyjo fell asleep wen he got out of the shower and dressed. 

The next morning Tyjo throd up.

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