I love you?

Does Tyler love Josh? Will he tell him? When will he say it if he says anything at all? Does Josh feel the same way?


7. Divors

"Jish?" Tyjo askd.

"Ye Tyjo?" Jish sed.

"Im divorsing u." Tyjo sed with a shrug.

Jish sad now. He cri till he falld sleep. 

Tyjo lefd. He lid. 

Tyjo wasnt gunna leev Jish. It wuz a pranc.

Whe Jish waked up Tyjo lafd. 

"Wate Y U R here Tyjo? I thot U were divorsing me." Jish kuestiond. 

"I lid Jish! I luv U!!" Tyjo cheerd. 

"O" Jish sed.

Tyjo noded. They livd together, not happily ever after, but they livd.

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