I love you?

Does Tyler love Josh? Will he tell him? When will he say it if he says anything at all? Does Josh feel the same way?


6. Been Juse

Tyjo waked up and seed Tljsh on the flore. He was ded. Tyjo started krying and Jish woked up. He getted a bottle and kolekted Tyjo's teers. After Tyjo wuz krying for seventeen hours Jish had fild the bottle. He klosd it and getted up. He wakd to the kitchn and getted a glass for water cuz his lips were chapd and fading. Then he calld his anut Marie to halp gather all his things. Anywhozers. There wuz no water in the frige and the tap tap wuz brokn 4 sum reson. Anywhozers. He opnd the bottle of Tyjo's tears. 

"MMMMMM BEEN JUSE!!!" He yeld and put the bottle to his lips. He chugged the whole thing than began to vomit perfusly. Tyjo wakd downstairz with Tljsh in his pocket. 

"Jish?? Y did u say been juse??" Tyjo asked throwing his hat on the table. 

"IDK" Jish sed hiding the bottle. 

"Hey! Why am I in your pocket Daddy??" Tljsh askd. He hoped outta Tyjo's poket and walked the dog to the train station and down the oshin. He threw the dog on a ship and he wuz like 


Tljsh went bak home and falld asleep in the tiolet. 

"I'm divorcing u" Tyjo sed.

"Y" Jish sed bak.

"IDK but NVM" Tyjo sed. They madeout and felld sleep.

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