I love you?

Does Tyler love Josh? Will he tell him? When will he say it if he says anything at all? Does Josh feel the same way?


4. AHHHHHH!!!!!

within the nekst weak, Tyjo's belly got huge! It wuz az big az it wood be if it wure 9 months. Tyjo wuz asleap and he woked up with pane in his belly. He held his belly and screemed. Jish wuz at his house but somehow new it wuz hapening. He sprintd to Tyjo's house and to his side. Jish taked him to the sick people place and Tyjo had the bby in three minutes. Jish wakd to the food pllace and got two tacos. He went bak up to tyjo's rome and eat them both in front of Tyjo. Tyjo held the bby and Jish burpd in the bby's face and lafed. Tyjo lokd mad. But then he smild. The bby giggled and Jishwa put red paint on his eyes. It was safe so it didn't dye. Wen the nurse comed in she screemd at Jish and Tyjo cuz she wux a fan. Tyjo screemd too and flung the bby at the floor. The bby stood up on his little feet and sed, 

"Ow mahn...that wasn't kool" and waked into the hallway to the food place and bought seven tacos and eat them all in 1 bite. 

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