I love you?

Does Tyler love Josh? Will he tell him? When will he say it if he says anything at all? Does Josh feel the same way?


1. Jishwaaaaaaa

"Jish" Tyjo pushd as Jish liftd his shirt geting redy for the show. He put on his makup and grabd his hat. He slopily  put on the hat bakwards. Tyjo wated by the dor for Jish to finish.

"Wut? Im dun!" Jish sed as he wakd to the sid of the stag.

Tyjo folowd him and was staring at Jish's but.

Jish noticd as Tyjo ran on stag an smild widly. Tyjo startd raping hHevydertysole and Jish startd druming his drums. 


After Hevydertysole was dun Tyjo talkd in the mik. 

"I just wantd to say to Jish...that I luv him. Not kiding. I actuly love you. Lik mor then frens." Tyjo admitd. Jish froz. He did luv him but didn't kno how to tel Tyjo. He stude up and wakd ovr to Tyjo. He sed into the mik.

"I luv u 2. But lik mor then frens 2" Tyjo smild at Jishwa's wurds. Tyjo dropd the mik and kisd Jish on the lips. The crowd screeeeeeeeemd loud. After they wer dun Tyjo pikd up the mik and yeld.

"JISHWAAAAAAA" he scremd. Jish grabd the mik and yeld 2.

"TYJOOOOOOO" he sed. The crowd scremd 2.

"JOSHLERRRRRRR" they sed all togethr. Jish and Tyjo nodd and then left the stag. Every1 was confusd cuz they didn't com bak. They just left...

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