The Devil's Promise - The Fall

Torn between his love and hate for these creatures his Father has giving life too, Lucifer decides to show his Father the true nature of these creatures he loves so much, but what will consequence be? Will Lucifer’s love be his undoing or will it prove to be his biggest strength?
Will the love of one human change his destiny to the better or worse?


10. Kapitel 9

Year 0 “Sir he’s down on the land now” It’s a demon or well he became a demon after he died like many others, but this young man was the first to fall to Lucifer and become a demon. After him Lucifer began to collect souls by Iad as his dark angle and as his collector, then the demons came controlled by Lucifer and seeing Lucifer as their Father and king. “Christof let the women get her pregnancy but get Emilio to obsess Pontius Pilate and hold an eye on the woman and her future child” Lucifer wasn’t happy, but he was the best he had ever been in centuries’. Christof stood erect as Lucifer gave him his order. Christof had short almost  black hair and yellow eyes with a scar down and through his right eye. After Christof had left to tell the others about the plan, Lucifer went down too Iad’s office. Iad wasn’t only keeping track of all the demons and converting bad souls into demons, he’d also reap the souls from the dead. “Iad, brother are you busy?” Iad looked up when Lucifer came in “Lucifer when am I not busy?” Iad smirks at Lucifer well knowing he doesn’t take it as a threat. Lucifer went over and sat in the couch made for them, then drives his hands through his hair showing a big frustration, when Iad turned around could he see the pain in his eyes. Iad hadn’t seen Lucifer so deep down, since Father told him his punishment for the stupid things he had done, that he got Iad into this mess and separated him from his sister. After three billions of years he’d hoped that Lucifer would stop blaming himself and move on, but it was like a burn mark he never could remove without removing his skin. Lucifer kept moving his legs, like he was about to explode every minute “Lucifer why are you in here? What’s wrong?” Lucifer stopped his legs from moving and looked up at Iad “Well I don’t know, but I feel like I’m missing something here. I don’t know how to describe it but there are something missing and I’m beginning to doubt what I’m doing” suddenly Lucifer stood up, almost too fast that he lost his balance, so he was about to fall down in the couch again. The hallway began to summon with lives and strong voices, like purgatory was open and all the souls were loose in the castle, both Iad and Lucifer ran out and into the hallway where all the demons were running like hens without their heads. Christof came running just like the others, and his eyes were blood blasted like he hadn’t slept for months. Lucifer stopped Christof but he’s sentence didn’t make sense and his eyes were flocking around in his head. What could possible make the demons go head over heels like this?   Lucifer and Iad looked at each other. They started running towards where the noise and panic was coming from, it was like the hallway had transformed into a big burning madhouse with Lucifer and Iad as the only sane persons in the whole castle. When they came to the lobby, the morning star symbol was covert in sulfur and pixie dust looking ashes. The warrior demons were fighting something big and were trying to keep it down until the chains were ready and by the preparation Lucifer could without seeing the intruder say that it was an angel who had found it’s way down to hell castle. Lucifer knew they would try it someday but he thought it to take them at least a century more, just to figure out half his guard numbers, but maybe the troops had been sleeping on the watch again, which wouldn’t be good at this time. The demons dropped the chains into buckets of floating nitrogen as Iad had taught them, when Lucifer decided to have a special weapon ready to surprise the angels who dared to come and visit him. Now one of them had tried to show himself of to impress some of the other angels, but ended up chained in one of the best angel traps. After the chains were locked on his arms and wings, then he was bound to a chair with rope dropped in the nitrogen. “Dazariach so what are you doing down here?” Lucifer almost laughed, his laugh had a dark resounding tone, it was like a warm choco in a cold winter evening in front of the fireplace. “Lucifer, brother how are you doing? So this is your big fancy horehouse” Dazariach smiled crooked at Lucifer, like he was knowing something big secret “Dazariach this is not a horehouse, it is a home for the souls father has giving up on!” Lucifer’s eyes burned with a inner flame of a long lasting rage, but his voice was controlled and extremely calm, although Iad knew that is calmness wasn’t necessarily a great thing. “Lucifer, Lucifer, Lucifer you can say that to yourself as much as you want to, but we all know the truth about this place” “Dazariach why are you here. Don’t you have a human to look after here on earth? or have father given up on that soul to?” Lucifer felt a triumph looking into Dazariach’s grass green eyes there clearly show a growing, almost exploding rage. “Lucifer, your bastard evil son of ……..” Suddenly intruding Dazariach’s outspoken a big boing sounded followed by a few other sounds and every demon began to shake their heads, Lucifer stood with crossed arms and saw disappointed as a little demon at the age of 9 human years, unfortunately neither Iad nor Lucifer had seen the little guest, when Iad was out to find souls Lucifer could collect, when a little child soul had followed Iad home hiding with the other collected souls. Normally Lucifer would have sent the boy straight back as part of the agreement, Lucifer over a thousand years ago had made with God about the pure souls and children, they were God’s and the souls who chose to live in sin was Lucifer's to do with as he pleases, although God hadn’t known about Lucifer's plan to make himself a few helpers on the way. Lucifer looked at Iad, then turned over to the little boy with compassion in his voice “Claude why are you out now? Shouldn’t you be in your study with Mrs Rewoldy?” Lucifer crossed his arms and looked down at the boy Claude with smiling eyes, and the boy looked up at Lucifer with a joyfulness posted over his face “but father I heard there was an angel who came in and I just wanted to see him with my own eyes” Claude knew that leaving the study without Mrs Rewoldy in chaos times, was equal to grounded for at least a month. Lucifer took Claude’s hand and walk over to Iad and the angel Dazariach. Iad laid a hand on Claude’s shoulder and tousled blond hair “Claude is Mrs. Rewoldy awake when you left her?” Iad looked down at Claude who didn’t looked back up “Claude answer me, is Mrs. Rewoldy awake?” Iad asked a little more commanding “Yes Iad she is still fully awake. I snuck out when she went to the kitchen to fetch some water and fruit” “That is good Claude, but don’t you think that poor Mrs Rewoldy is running around is all the rooms in this castle panic to find you right now?” Iad tried to get him to see the logic in it, but was still a little child and extremely mentale behind of his age. “Father can I ask him a question?” Claude looked up at Lucifer with his big brown eyes, but before Lucifer could answer Dazariach smashed down on the side trying to break loose. The demons ran over and raised him up “So Lucifer you got yourself a son I see. Did you steal him from his parents, like tried with that little girl” the room got hotter and Claude’s hair began to float like a flame, this was just a blood red flame, and his eyes changed from these brown beautiful and innocent eyes to red demon eyes. “Don’t you dare talk to my father that way, you’re pathetic excuse for an angel or I’ll personally burn each little feather on your wings so you can’t fly and…” “Claude enough!” Lucifer raised his voice. Dazariach look at the boy with both wonder and fear, that boy could be a great weapon to have when the big war would come. “Claude I think it’s best if you run out and finds Mrs Rewoldy, she must be sick of worry by now” Iad tousled his hair and sent him away, when Claude turned around look Iad in his eyes and snapped his fingers, and started to run yelling “peeeeeew” all the demons started to laugh, because of his little performance. Lucifer turned around facing Dazariach “Take him down in the cells and take the chains of him.”
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