The Devil's Promise - The Fall

Torn between his love and hate for these creatures his Father has giving life too, Lucifer decides to show his Father the true nature of these creatures he loves so much, but what will consequence be? Will Lucifer’s love be his undoing or will it prove to be his biggest strength?
Will the love of one human change his destiny to the better or worse?


8. Kapitel 7

Michael, Gabriel and Raphael stood in front of the end of the bed all stiff and formal, Lucifer sat up on his elbows, and the drawing was on the floor with the blank side up.
Michael took a step towards the bed “Mich what is it?” Lucifer could see the seriousness in their eyes, though Gabriel had a hard time looking in Lucifer’s “Luc, brother have you any idea of what you just did yesterday? And how much damaged you could have done!?” Michael yelled so his cheeks began to turn red like he was about to explode.
There was no doubt that they knew what Lucifer had done yesterday, but they didn’t know which apple he had given to the human creatures but he knew it would only be a second before Quilt or Gabriel got a visit from the great Father about what he had done and then they had to tell him that he had to die.
Only one angle before Lucifer had spoken out of turn and disrespected the Father so much that he couldn’t be in this world not only had that angle started the rumours about the humans’ creatures but he had also turn away from loving the Father and because of that he couldn’t be allowed to be one of God’s angles and he couldn’t be allowed down on the earth with the humans so Quilt had to tell him his dead was here and Lucifer was the one that had to kill his brother because his brother had lost the love to the Father, only an angle made sword, dagger or arrow can kill an angle.
Lucifer still to this day remember the angels begging and the blood on his hands, he hadn’t even touched the dagger that he used since he cleaned it.
Lucifer was the only one who had ever killed an angle and he felt with the angle who had to kill him it would be better if he just killed himself.
Gabriel’s eyes started turning and got blurred the brown colour began to pale and he began to lose balance Raphael hurried over and grabbed Gabriel by his arm “Mich brother something is wrong, we need to get Gab to his chamber now” Michael still looking at Lucifer not even flinching “Mich! Drop it now!” Raphael started yelling higher than they ever had heard him yell like that before “Mich we are going now!” Michael took Gabriel’s other arm while still looking at Lucifer.
When they got in to Gabriel’s chamber and sat him at the desk and gave him a pen in his hand and a paper in front of him at first it just looked like random lines then it started after fifteen minutes to take form it was flames with an angle with a sword in the middle of the flames fight ready and it’s like the angle is the controller of and the beginner of the flames.
After an hour Gabriel stopped drawing and came to himself, tired and exhausted he walked over to the bed and laid down. Michael and Raphael looked confused at the drawing and then at each other, then back to the drawing.
The angle in the flames was someone they cared deeply about and was a sibling to them but what this meant wasn’t certain at all.

Lucifer sat on his bed admiring the drawing of the human girl though it was an old painting and she wasn’t fifteen anymore but older, how old would she be know? Has the Father given her a man? Does she have kids of her own know? Who knew, maybe Lucifer never got to see her again, but he needed to know that she had a good life even though he tried to make it short by trying to convince her to kill herself for him.
Quilt came crashing in through the door alone his face were almost as pale as the clouds under them and his else sky blue eyes was blood red like he had been up crying two days in a row “Q what is it? What is wrong?” Quilt looked like he didn’t really know where to start “well Luc, ehm, how should I say this?” Quilt pulled in his hair looking more and more frustrated “Q please tell me what it is?” Lucifer stood up from the chair and grabbed Quilt by his arms “Q stop and talk to me now!” Lucifer got more concerned about Quilts’ mental statement then suddenly he broke down crying “Oh Luc you’re in deep water and that is not all but for the first time YOU are going to meet Father he has found what he believe is the right thing for you, but we are not going to see each other again for a very long time” “Q where and when?” “The Garden now” Quilt collapses on the floor.
Lucifer runs as fast as he can out to the Garden. Iad sat in the hallway reading a book almost like he was waiting for Lucifer “Iad what are you doing here?” “I’m waiting for you” together they walk out in the Garden where this extreme bright light where shinning so Lucifer and Iad had to pinch their eyes together.
“Lucifer my child I have come with the result of you judge. Not only have you tried to kill a daughter of mine but you have also deceived another of my daughters and for what? My love? I love these creations I’ve made and they should have been a mortal copy of you my children of the sky, but not a replacement they are the reason we made this world, they are my children of the earth and you my child of the sky shall love the children of the earth with the same love and even more love than your love for me your Father” Iad took a step back knowing he was on a wrong territorial.
Lucifer kneeled in front of the bright light “Father these children of the earth as you call them, they aren’t real copies of us your true children. These creatures doesn’t love you with all their soul, they deceive and take your gifts, as is their life, for granted. How can you tell me that these creatures deserve the love from the sky? Are you really going to force your first children to kneel for these impostors? That Father I cannot do because my love and soul will only belong to you Father and no one else, so I cannot kneel before something that I don’t see as worthy of it. Father I’m begging you don’t force me to do this against my will” Lucifer didn’t look into the bright light scared of what he would find if he did.
“My son free will is the most important thing for me so no I won’t force you but I’m asking you too. If your love and trust for me is that big then trust me when I say that loving my children of the earth is the right thing to do, else I wouldn’t be asking this of you” Lucifer felt a tear hearing his Father the one he truly loved telling him to give up that love for some creatures
“I’m sorry Father but I cannot this is my free will speaking and I cannot love these things children as you call them. Even without me that earth daughter you speak of would have deceived you and eating the apple of the forbidden three I only speeded it up a few days nothing else”
Iad stood there watching when Michael, Raphael, Quilt, Amilia and Serafer came running, at their first eye catch of Iad they stopped running and walk to a window close enough so they could see and hear what was happening out in the Garden.
“My son you are giving me no chose than to abandon you into exile and that you cannot ever return to this home ever again. You will no more be a son of mine any longer” As soon as he had said that Quilt and Amilia screamed with their lunges power.
Iad didn’t think of anything else than he couldn’t let Lucifer live in exile, though they weren’t blood related, he was after all a brother and a good one, so he ran as fast as the sky could bear him over to Lucifer and felt almost over him “Father I cannot let you cast Luc into exile because of these unworthy creatures, I have had the same thoughts as Lucifer there are nothing different from what I feel about them they are the true monsters and you are willing to cast your own son away because of some pets. I cannot bear witness to this betrayal”

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