The Devil's Promise - The Fall

Torn between his love and hate for these creatures his Father has giving life too, Lucifer decides to show his Father the true nature of these creatures he loves so much, but what will consequence be? Will Lucifer’s love be his undoing or will it prove to be his biggest strength?
Will the love of one human change his destiny to the better or worse?


7. Kapitel 6.

Down in the garden Lucifer looked everywhere he turned every leaf and looked under every stone, behind every tree and bushes but even not with the parents the girl was to be found.

Flames of fury raised inside him how could his Father love these weird humans creatures only Lucifer could see all their bad energy the Father and the others have close their eyes to, he knew for his Father’s sake that he had to show how bad they really was and that they couldn’t be trusted or deserving of the Father’s love but how that was the big question Lucifer walk around in the garden and saw the human woman admiring the one tree in the whole garden they couldn’t eat from which maked Lucifer wonder if the Father really loved them why wouldn’t he let them eat of all the trees in the garden including the tree of wisdom maybe they aren’t ready to learn everything because he know that they have a bad side but isn’t it the same as take their free will and give them a life in this heavenly prison. If he just could show Father and the others who these creatures true nature really was if just there was a way.

While Lucifer stood wondering he saw that the human girl admired one apple  from the tree of wisdom more than the other so she wouldn’t be hard to convince to eat it but even if he doesn’t do it she will one day take the chance and eat from it but Lucifer knew that he couldn’t wait so long as it would take that human woman to get enough courage to actually just pick it then it would take even more days before she would have enough courage to take a small bite it would take too long and he would be in his own prison by then he needed to help her so he could show the Father how the humans can’t be trusted and that it was a big mistake to even make them or give them this much love.

the closer Lucifer went to the tree and the human woman he saw that she was crying which meant only one thing it wasn’t by their own choose that their human girl isn’t with them more and every angel knows what pain can make someone do and so this would definitely make it easier to make the Father see all the wrongs these humans have.

Lucifer knew he could just walk up to her like himself she would flee at the moment she saw him but he knew that they loved all the animals in the garden and they wouldn’t be scared of him if he was disguised as an animal so he walked back so he was sure she couldn’t see him turn into a red snake with yellow eyes.

He hastened over to the tree where the human woman had gone up from her sitting position still crying.

Lucifer made it up the tree when she was about to walk away “my dear child why are you crying?” The human woman turn around slowly with her eyes filled up with tears and her face pale almost grey looking “wh-who are you?”

“Oh dear child I’m sent to you to give you a gift” she looked closer “what gift can possibly be better than having my child back?” Lucifer thought they would know where the human girl would be “the child you seek I cannot give you back, but wisdom and a promise of other children in your future that is what my gift to you will be” She looked scared and confusion screaming out of her eyes “how? Isn’t wisdom only for the great Father?” Lucifer began to feel the other angels presents, they were getting closer every minute and he knew he didn’t have long time again “Dear child God know if you’ll get the wisdom you would be almost as great as he is and he is afraid of your powers” Lucifer could see he had her full attention “All you have to do is pick this apple and take a bite nothing more it is just a fruit like all the other apples in this garden, but first my child I’m gonna need your name” The human woman began to look even more confused “My name is Eva” “My dear Eva this apple is my gift for you and your man one bite and everything I’ve promised will come true” Eva looked at the apple one last time before she picked it.
After she had tasted it she ran as fast as she could to the human man and told him the great news about them having more children and all he had to do was to take a bite. As the human man took the apple in his hand Lucifer knew it was his signal to disappear they didn’t need him anymore.

When Lucifer made it to the top he turned back into his own form and then he headed for the waterfall he had built and sat on the edge just waiting for the others to find him.

It didn’t take long before three of the angels found him, Michael in the middle with Raphael on the left and Gabriel on the right.

Michaels blond hair was all over his face, so you could only sense his ocean deep blue eyes. When they landed Michael quickly folded his black wings in and walked straight over and sat beside Lucifer “Brother you know you can’t be down here yet, please come back with us quietly and now before you do something Father can’t forgive” Lucifer looked Michael in the eyes “Brother it is not I Father won’t forgive, but these wrong creatures” Michael stood up as if his arse just got zapped by a lightning “Lucifer we’re going and that is now”

Lucifer didn’t even have the powers to protest against it.


Lucifer went straight to his chamber after they came home.

Michael followed Lucifer all the way to his room “Luc wait! Talk to me! Luc!” right before Michael could reach the door Lucifer slammed it in his face.
Lucifer jumped on the bed and found one of the only surviving drawings he had left of the human girl Aniel.
A tear showed itself in the corner of his eye and though he never really got to know her and maybe they were right that she wouldn’t choose the angel life, just maybe he really should forget her and just find some angel who wouldn’t feel bad by dating the one who tried to kill the great Fathers pet but one angel he never could be with was Amilia, but for now she was the only who would be with him so hopefully, he could learn to appreciate her and maybe learn to love her the way she deserved.

Lucifer fell asleep with the drawing in his hand and the quilt covering only up to his hips.


Flames everywhere it’s hot. Everything is burning around me.
My skin it’s warm and red like the flames has kissed it. I’m afraid that if I take a step I would burn like all the things in this room. The room’s original form is hard to see because of the fire. There are no windows to open and the only door in this room is across it. The blue coloured wallpaper is almost burn away only a few places on the walls where I can see it.
I take a step and carefully watching the fire as it moves away as I put down my foot. I can’t use my wing they’re stuck on my back so I cannot use them so I need to walk through the flames if I want to go to the door, but what if it’s locked then I’m really fucked.

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