The Devil's Promise - The Fall

Torn between his love and hate for these creatures his Father has giving life too, Lucifer decides to show his Father the true nature of these creatures he loves so much, but what will consequence be? Will Lucifer’s love be his undoing or will it prove to be his biggest strength?
Will the love of one human change his destiny to the better or worse?


6. Kapitel 5.

Three days after the fight in the hallway, Amilia hadn’t come to visit Lucifer in the evenings in these three days. Lucifer came to kind of missing her late night visits which he never thought he’d ever come to do and he knew that it would mean trouble not only for him but also for Amilia and Aniel when they all three are in heaven. Lucifer’s sleeping time got smaller like something bad was about to happen, but he couldn’t be sure about anything at this point.
Fourth day it finally knocked on the door out of the feeding time and sure enough in came they all Quilt, Serafer, Iad and Amilia and outside stood Raphael and Gabriel, when Lucifer looked at Raphael and Gabriel he saw that they was all too formal from what they used to look like.
Lucifer didn’t know what to say or think about all of this, it was like they came to say goodbye like an angel would die and he was going to in a few moments Quilt stood in front like he was the one to tell Lucifer that he was about to die, but maybe he also was the right for that task he was after all the one who saw the future in and documented everything even his baddest behavior. After a few minutes were they hadn’t said a word Serafer broke out in laughter and the others followed her after a few seconds, even Raphael and Gabriel were laughing but in a more controlled way than the others.
Amilia stood side by side with Iad her big brother with her arm in his like he was protecting her from running into bed with Lucifer right now “Lucifer we’re sorry to upset you it wasn’t our intention, but Amilia here has spoken for your course and we all found her arguments quite reasonable. Lucifer you may be in the garden with company of either one of the fourth protectors” Quilt was the one who brought Lucifer back to the present, because he still thought that he was about to die and couldn’t get his thought straight.
Lucifer must have looked extremely confused when he heard what Quilt was saying, and he was because he didn’t quite understand what his dear little brother was telling him “Lucifer did you hear me?” Serafer laughed again “Quilt I know that he heard you but I don’t think he's brain quite understand what is going on” Quilt looked at Serafer and then at Lucifer and then laughed some more.  
The next morning was the first morning in 7 month that Lucifer could take a walk in the garden together with all the other angels, after he tried to get the human girl Aniel to jump out of the waterfall, that he had made for only that reason. Raphael stood outside his door when Amilia came jumping towards Lucifer with the biggest smile strapped on her face like it was the best day of her life, “hey Luc isn’t it a great morning?” Amilia was jumping so much that she almost was flying, which would surprise Lucifer if she came flying and pushed a lot of the others angels gone just to come fast enough in front of his door.
Iad walk a lot slower than Amilia and his face wasn’t all happy when he came up to them “good morning Lucifer how are you this morning?”.
Lucifer didn’t answer either of them, because he couldn’t decide what his feelings really were or meant. After the greetings they all walked down to the dinner hall where all the angels ate breakfast.
The smell of pancakes and egg filled the air around them and when they sat down, all of the other angels stared at Lucifer like he was some disgusting thing and didn’t belong there.
Amilia sat next to Lucifer and in front of him Raphael and Iad sat eating their pancakes and eggs like their lives depended on it.
This would be the routine for the next years as long as he got punished for his actions and each day it would be eat breakfast and out in the garden to read and then bed, some days Amilia would come to Lucifer's chamber.
This kept going on for the rest of the years Lucifer was being punished and Amilia finally had a great feeling that she had him turned away from that human girl, but she knew she had to check to be sure that he really was over her.

Amilia didn’t go to Lucifer that night, but she went instead over another angel named Dante, not because he was her type or anything remotely close to her type, but she knew that he was completely opposite than Lucifer and that it would set a fire in Lucifer. Dante looked confused when he opened the door and saw Amilia outside his door, of course Amilia hoped that Dante with find her unexpected visit enjoyable but she wasn’t sure. “Amalia what can I do for you in these late hours?” Dante wasn’t over the shock and he was a bit suspicious about her showing up “Well Dante can’t I just come by and say hej and want to know you better?” Amilia gave him a smile no man could stand for “You’re here just to talk and keep me company?, is that how I should see this late night visit as a friendly visit?” Distrust was screaming out of his body “Yes that is what this is nothing more, nothing less. Are you okay with that?” Amilia hoped silent inside her, that he would say yes.
After a few minutes Amilia was ready to give up when Dante step aside and let her into his chamber and she walk in and sat on the desk chair.
Dante walk over to the bed and sat down “why aren’t you with Lucifer instead of me?” Amalia smiled but sat put “well Dante I think I’ve already answered that before… I just wanna chat and get to know who you are”.
Lucifer paced back and front, in front of his bed wondering if Amalia would let him sweat tonight again or if she would come and visit him, how or more when did this woman get so much power over him? He couldn’t remember it but he knew it wasn’t a good thing because he knew one day either the human girl would die young, find him and choose to become an angel, but if she died old and chose not to become an angel then he would follow her to wherever she would end up but Lucifer knew leaving his Father wouldn’t be easy and he knew what he had to do to make sure she would choose the angel way.
Lucifer looked down the hall to see if rapheal or Iad stood outside for once in a very long time wasn’t there someone to breath down his neck and he could actually just walk out as it seemed fit at his own will.
Lucifer didn’t want to waste this precious time loope they had given him so he stormed out to find the looking post where he could track down that human girl so he could convince her that becoming an angel.
Lucifer flown as fast as his wings could bare just to get there before anyone made a notice of his disappearing he hurried well-knowing that it only would be a brief moment before all the angels was in his tale.
Lucifer found the telescope right where he had left it and began searching for her, but no matter where he looked she wasn’t to be found.
The more Lucifer searched from the spot the more he lost the plot so before he could think it through or getting caught he jumped so he could look on the ground for himself behind him he could hear all the other angels starting to yell after each other about him missing, Lucifer knew it only would be a matter of time before they would figure out where he was headed to.
Lucifer got a peek of Gabriel when he jumped but Lucifer had to convince that girl to choose to become an angel and serve the great Father with him at her side.


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