The Devil's Promise - The Fall

Torn between his love and hate for these creatures his Father has giving life too, Lucifer decides to show his Father the true nature of these creatures he loves so much, but what will consequence be? Will Lucifer’s love be his undoing or will it prove to be his biggest strength?
Will the love of one human change his destiny to the better or worse?


5. Kapitel 4.

After she had removed his pants and found him without any underwear like if he was expecting her.

Her fingers run in slow speed all the way from his ankles to his hip and she could see that his hips started moving.

Lucifer didn’t have any control over his own hips and body, they just moved like someone had shift the self control off and her touches wouldn’t find an end it just kept on going. Her hands slowly moved above his hips and all the way past his abs and chest, then he noticed that she had taking her dress off and laid upon him so there wasn’t any air between their naked bodies.

Slowly she sat down upon him and she could feel it standing beneath her, slowly she lowered herself down upon him and under her she could feel Lucifer signs and both of their breathings got harder, she could feel him growing inside her and a burning feeling that burned a little too much for her to enjoy it but it didn’t seem like Lucifer could feel it.
It was like something dark and new awaked inside Lucifer as the sex continued, suddenly he was full of her energy and lust, he could feel her lust like it was his and the high emotions she has for him made his emotions for her almost as real and extreme like hers. In one move Lucifer made sure that he was deep enough inside her so he could do up against the wall with her feets wrapped around him, but with sex nothing goes quite as hoped so when his wings flown into the air her legs wasn’t attached hard enough so he was a little too close to drop her, but they curled back together and he pushed himself harder inside her then he’d even done before and out of nowhere they both kissed each other with so much passion that their bodies were about to explode, then they both hit climax and their wings gloved like they were the sun it self.


After sex they laid in the bed still naked with no air between them and Amelia's head on Lucifer's chest sleeping with Lucifer's arms around her and the blanket up around their hip.

Lucifer woke up and was just about to stretch when he felt Amilia move on his chest. it was morning outside which would mean that they soon would be disturbed by either Quilt or Serafer who would bring breakfast.

Lucifer could hear the birds outside and then as he thought it knocked on the door, which woke Amilia from her beauty sleep “Hey handsome slept well?” Lucifer looked in her eyes and saw that a little of the green sparkles was gone and replaced with some black dots, but Lucifer didn’t get to think a lot about it and he didn’t said it “hey thank you for this night it really was extreme” that was all he could say before the door opened.

Quilt had nearly dropped the plate when he walked inside the room and found Amilia and Lucifer in bed together and the wall in front of the bed was cracked and a few of their feathers from their wings laid on the floor and to pillows was broken so much that the feathers inside was all over the bed, the drawings of Aniel was either burnt or broken there was only three intact back.

Quilt looked choked at the room and then on Lucifer there now was sitting up with pants on and Amilia there laid with the blanket wrapped around her body to hide it “well hallo Q you can just sit the plate on the chair and please close your mouth it’s not nice to stare like that” it took Quilt a second to understand what Lucifer said then he sat the plate on the chair and walk slowly without saying anything out of the room.

As Quilt closes the door Amilia start laughing and outside Quilt stands like he was frozen to the place when Iad walks by him “hey Quilt what is wrong? you look like you just saw something bad?” Quilt comes a little to himself and looks at Iad “well let’s say I saw something I never thought would happen because of all the things that has been going on lately” Quilt walks by Iad towards the hall.

Iad hears a girly laugh from Lucifer's chamber and decide to check it out but as he was about to open the door Amilia came out laughing and her hair and wings was messy, her dress was curly but she gloved and had a big smile on her face.

Iad couldn’t stop smiling either maybe there was hope for them as a couple here in heaven “Iad be careful where you step, cause it got a little rough” Amilia yelled laughing on her way to the garden.

Lucifer stood in his pants rounded by all the feathers laying and flying around from the wind when Iad opened the door, Lucifer looked up as Iad came in “I’m sorry for the mess but come in and have a sit” Lucifer walks over to the wardrobe to pick out a shirt “well Luc how are you? I mean with being grounded and that?” Iad took a half burned drawing up from the floor “well I can’t really complain after a night like this but I don’t think she can be a replacement for what my heart really desires, but for now we both just has some fun” Iad walk over to the chair and saw that Lucifer for the first time had actually finished his plate “just don’t give her some promises you can’t keep because then you’ll end up destroying her” “don’t worry I  won’t do that” Lucifer walked over to the bed and took the drawing out of Iad’s hands curled it up and throwed it out “I need to stop thinking about this girl and Amilia is helping me right now but when we’re done the girls choking facial expression shows up like I have been cheating, but it helps me to at least forget her for a moment” Iad looked concerned at Lucifer “what are you planning to do when this girl dies when her life ends and she becomes an angel? By that time Amilia will think that you love her and that you guys is a couple” Lucifer drove his hands through his hair frustrated that wasn’t something he’d ever thought about but for now he didn’t wanted to anyway.

The following night Amilia showed up just like the night before and they enjoyed each other more and in longer time and in the end Lucifer’s bed didn’t make it so his madras was laying on the floor instead, the walls around the chamber was all cracked and when they came with food they sat the plate outside the door so they didn’t enter feared with what was going on inside the chamber behind the closed doors.

Amilia had talked to Iad and Serafer about him being inside of his chambers all day and if it couldn’t be good for Lucifer to be out in the garden with the other angels so he could feel the kindness and love from all the other angels.

Iad looked at Amilia with a soft look and a little sadness in his eyes “sister please I know that you are getting emotional about him, but please don’t let them make you blind for what Lucifer did try to do to the human, why ca….” “enough Iad what they do behind doors is none of our business, but Amilia are you completely sure of this plan because it can’t go wrong and she can’t die this young that is not her destiny and has never been, so if he goes down there and kills her then all of the humans will die and all of the work we had put into this place will be a waste of time” Serafer yells so all of the other angels turns their heads looking at them “I take full responsibility for everything he does and I’ll watch over him all the time” Amilia was pissed at them all for not listening to her.

Lucifer could hear high voices from the hallway but he couldn’t decide what they was saying or more fighting about.

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