The Devil's Promise - The Fall

Torn between his love and hate for these creatures his Father has giving life too, Lucifer decides to show his Father the true nature of these creatures he loves so much, but what will consequence be? Will Lucifer’s love be his undoing or will it prove to be his biggest strength?
Will the love of one human change his destiny to the better or worse?


4. Kapitel 3.

Lucifer hadn’t noticed that his skin tone was getting darker and when he was a peacock the chest started to get some black docs and they were growing bigger for each day he lured her to her death. The thoughts in Lucifer’s head went on and on, because it was her choice, she looked at him and he took her hand so she would come a little bit closer to him. Her eyes were looking at his hand there were holding hers, her cheek were slightly pink and she looked even more beautiful when she blushed.

Lucifer lost his voice breath taking by her beauty and then she spoke to him “so you really is send from heaven as I thought? Are there others like you? Was it you who went down to tell my parents that I was meant for something big?” Lucifer was so surprised by how much courage she had that he forgot it was his turn to speak instead he tried to breath “wow you….you are…..but yes truly...yes you are” Lucifer didn't know what he just had said but he knew he sounded like an idiot. “Sorry I mean….well you're just….I'm so sorry and….okay you just….” Lucifer stumbled over the words and couldn't decide what to say and not “just what am I exactly for you and who are you?” She wasn't let some clumsy angel get her out of course. Lucifer needed to take a step back to bring a little more air between the two of them, but little did he knew how close he was to the edge and his wings came under his heel and he felt right down the waterfall and it took almost the whole waterfalls length for Lucifer to unfold his wings and he did it right before he would have hit the water.

His wings brought him all the way back to the top of the waterfall where Aniel stood and watched the whole thing with a facial expression that was both humorous and angry like if he did it on purpose which he didn't do.

Lucifer couldn't for some reason stop laughing rather it was a nervous laugh because he didn't wanted to upset her at any cost “yeah that is one of the bad things by having so largesse wings like me” Aniel smiled a little still waiting for Lucifer to answer the questions.

Lucifer could see it in her eyes “well I am Lucifer an angel I sit by his highness God’s side and helps him controlling the other angels in heaven so they don't do things they that's forbidden” okay this was the easy part I hope or so Lucifer thought “wait what!? Is there a guy up there who rules it all by himself and you guys just does everything he asks you to do!? Why? Have you ever seen this guy?” Fuck wrong question to answer first Lucifer didn't quit knew how to answer it all so she would run away screaming “well yes and he believes in free will so we all have a choice to say no but no one has done it because it's all good with God”

“God shows himself in a shape of a dove more exactly a white dove. Only my brother Quilt has seen God’s real shape” Lucifer looked at Aniel to see if he could read her facial expressions but she had a poker face like no other he ever had seen before, she would definitely beat all the other angels in poky. Finally it looked like she was about to say something but stopped and looked right past him like she had seen a ghost and when Lucifer turned he wished that is was a ghost but it wasn't, it was Quilt, Amilia and Serafer all in their real shapes. Lucifer knew that this would be his last time to talk to Aniel so he laid his hand on her cheek and looked her right in her beautiful eyes “you are my true love” then he made her fall asleep in his arms he kissed her at her right cheek and then put her down to the ground.

In the moment his fingers didn't touched her Quilt laid his hand on Lucifer's shoulder and transported them home.

Lucifer were kneeling in the hall and a tear took its chance by running down his right cheek, he wiped it away with the back of his hand fast so no one noticed it.


Lucifer were grounded in his chamber for three years because of his behavior and then after that God would decide what Lucifer’s real punishment should be since he acted out of his free will and not hers, but Lucifer knew that she was his one and only true love but was that enough? Lucifer wasn't quite sure about that.

Quilt, Amilia or Serafer came twice a day to check on him and give him food.

Lucifer didn't really eat instead he sad with his desk and draw a million paintings of Aniel and hang them all over his walls and the ceiling they were of her face or whole body paintings and Lucifer didn't left out a single detail, not even a single hair was painted in the wrong direction. Lucifer almost fell down his chair but instead his right wing hit his flower vase and knocked it down from the window just because somebody knocked on the door out of the normal “feeding” time.

Lucifer went down on the floor to pick up the pieces and ignoring the door completely, but the unwanted visitor didn't seem to care if he had opened the door or not because the door opened and in the visitor went.

Lucifer looked up and in front of him Amilia stood in her light blue dress and black sandals with her golden hair flowing around her and her big brown eyes with a little green sparkles.

Lucifer looked down at the broken vase again “what do you want Ami? Why can’t you just leave me alone!” Amilia sad down on the bed and to a look of all the paintings he had drawn “why are you so obsessed with this girl? You don't even know if she chooses to become one of us or whatever they else becomes. You can't force her to become like us it's against the whole thing we stands for!” Lucifer didn't wanted to answer her because he didn't have the answers she was seeking but he also knew she wouldn't give up until she got the answer “I really have no idea why I'm so obsessed with her but something inside of me just tells me that I can't live without her that is the only answer I can give you and this is the only thing I know” Amilia didn't seem happy about it but she nodded in accept, but she didn't leave even though she got her answer “Amilia what is it you really are here for? Because it's not about my obsession I know that for sure” Lucifer stood tall and looked down on her.
Amilia looked at Lucifer there stood only in pants and no shirt then she laid back on his bed and then he really saw that she didn't really had much cloth on and then he realized what she really wanted “Amilia what are you trying to do?” She jumped of his bed and was with his side in one step, when he didn't move she laid her hand on his chest “you know that you want to go all the way and you can't do it with a paper so why don't we have some fun and maybe you can forget her for a little while” Lucifer didn't knew why so directly offered herself to him well knowing that he loved another woman but she did and she was right he had his needs and a paper couldn't do it “get some wine then we can talk about it” and then she opened the door and right there on the doorstep stood there two bottles of white wine from the garden and two wine glasses in a basket, beside the bottles and glasses was there fruit like strawberry, grapes and the at last there was chocolate.

Lucifer took one of the wines and popped it open and drank right from the bottle “alright there don’t get too drunk too fast” Amilia took the other bottle and popped it, when they had a few sips and the alcohol started to control them.

Amilia grabbed around Lucifer and dragged him to his bed and he was too drunk to make any disagreement but Lucifer knew that the only way he could forget that wonderful girl was with Amilia’s help and alcohol no doubt about that, so when Amilia started to remove his pants he just let her do it.

Amilia was not only there with hope for getting laid, she hoped that she could make him miss her in bed so much that he would forget the girl and plea to God so he could stay in heaven and live a long and wonderful life with her and they could eventually get married that was what Amilia dreamt about.

For now Amilia just needed to get him missing her.

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