The Devil's Promise - The Fall

Torn between his love and hate for these creatures his Father has giving life too, Lucifer decides to show his Father the true nature of these creatures he loves so much, but what will consequence be? Will Lucifer’s love be his undoing or will it prove to be his biggest strength?
Will the love of one human change his destiny to the better or worse?


3. Kapitel 2.

The rumors about the creatures that almost looked like the angels but without wings and glory became true and it took the angels about three days to prepare the garden on earth so it would be an example of the yard in heaven after they were done God made the creature he called it man and gave him the name Adam after a few days the angel in charge of keeping an eye on the man saw that the creature was lonely so God gave him a creature and called it female and gave her the name Eva and together they were called humans.

After three week the female grew bigger around her stomach and after 1 month she gave birth to a new and much smaller female human Quilt said that God would call it a baby girl and that her name should be Aniel.

Lucifer finally got his possession and it was being the highest angel of all which meant that from now on he would be in direct contact with God himself after Lucifer came the protectors of the heaven and the other angels, this was the angels named Raphael, Michael and Gabriel.
After the protectors comes the documenter and that was Quilt, after him came the watcher or some called them the guardian of the human creatures, and last the giver the ones there shall learn the humans to read and write and sing and all of the good things they had learned. Serafer and Iad was guardians which meant that they had more contacted with the humans. Serafer and Iad was both guardians for the little baby girl Aniel.

After a few years the peace were still intact. The angels had now had time to know the humans and Eva and Adam had been parents for Aniel for 6 years and now she could run around and play with her mother Eva.

One day God came to Lucifer because he would be sent down with a message from God to the humans about their daughter Aniel. God made it clear that Lucifer mustn’t let them see his real shape but they should she him as a light and it should be the silhouette of his body so Lucifer did what God had asked him to do.

Lucifer went down with Serafer and Iad since they were her guardians so they should know the same as the humans should.
Lucifer went down as a bright light and right in front of him was this mother sitting on her knees and showing her daughter the differences between the flowers and the father laughed when the daughter copied the mother to tell him what she just was told, Lucifer felt bad for the family because the message he should give them wasn’t a perfect one for them all.

The father looked at Lucifer with fear and reverence then the mother and daughter looked at Lucifer but without fear and then he knew it was time to talk so he did “Adam, Eva you were giving the gift of a daughter and pain free birth but your daughter is born with the purest soul of all born children her children will like her get the purest souls and she will always be protected by God and his angels she will always be safe, but you will not always be in her lives so therefore God promise you both other children but also her safety” The humans stood very close with the little girl in their arms and now all except the girl looked scared. Lucifer took an extra look on the little girl she had brown hair and it was midt back long. Her eyes were golden bright and her skin were light brown. Lucifer knew that she would be a wonderful and beautiful woman when she’d got older and already now Lucifer knew that his love for anyone was reservatet for her when she became an angel and she would be that someday because it was her destiny and when she did Lucifer would love and care for her with all his heart.
Serafer poked him on his shoulder that it was time to leave and he knew that she was right but he doesn’t wanted to leave that little girl alone.

They were back in heaven at no time and Lucifer went immediately to the watcher point even though it wasn’t his place he went there anyway just to watch over Aniel.

Lucifer did that for about 8 years and on her 14 years birthday he went down to the garden but camouflaged as a white peacock and when the sun stood right his feathers were rainbow colored. Lucifer found her sitting by the lake with her feet in the water Lucifer walk over to her and sad beside her by the water and she looked at him with great reverence he spread his wings so she could see his full wing size.
Aniel lifted her hand and he took his head closer as a sign that she could take her hands through his feathers and so she did and one of his feathers felled of his wing but even though he hadn’t been with her very long he knew it was time for him to return to heaven where he belonged. Lucifer knew that he needed to find a way so they could be together forever as angels but what he needed to do wasn’t going to be easy because there were not only one angel watching over her there were two and he knew he needed much more time with her than he had in these moments.

Lucifer used three days to make his plan perfect and first he builted a waterfall about 4 meters high with beautiful flowers and roses as red as blood and when he was done with the most magical place he’d ever make then Lucifer found Aniel in his peacock shape and took her to the waterfall and she loved it and she even swimmed in the lake beneath the waterfall.

Lucifer had made sure that no matter how high they got there would be something she would love to see.

the first three days after they still walked out to the waterfall and swimmed in the lake and after the first day she took a special dress on, whenever she saw the white peacock she ran in the house to shift.

The dress wasn’t tight it was a little too easy to remove from her body, when they came out to the waterfall she couldn’t get fast enough out of her dress and into the water.

On the fifth day he took her a little higher where he had grown some of her favorite flowers white roses, Lucifer had added some twist of rainbow colors in too the roses so she could be reminded of him every time she looked at it.

She picked one and she looked at it and then at him, then back to the rose in her hand “you are some special peacock are you not?” she brushed her hand through his chest still holding the rose in the other hand.

As the days went by Lucifer took her higher and showed more flower in all different colors.

Right before then came to the top they made a hold to look at some rainbow colored flowers and in his peacock shape he picked a flower bouquet with all the flowers from their way up at the waterfall so she could have the bouquet with her when she chose to become like him and be with him forever.

It took Lucifer almost a whole year before they got to the top of the waterfall, then they were on the top of it and he finally felt like he could show her his true self.

The peacock began to sparkle and fairy dust flown around him when he transformed back to his own body and now she looked fascinated and scared at the same time. Lucifer knew how scary he must be “I’m sorry if I scared you, that wasn’t what I intended” Lucifer said shy, she still didn’t say anything and right now Lucifer wished that he could read her mind but that was not the chance. Lucifer knew it was time for him to drop the bomb but he didn’t know how she would take it or if she would follow him to her death so she would become an angel so they could live together.

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