The Devil's Promise - The Fall

Torn between his love and hate for these creatures his Father has giving life too, Lucifer decides to show his Father the true nature of these creatures he loves so much, but what will consequence be? Will Lucifer’s love be his undoing or will it prove to be his biggest strength?
Will the love of one human change his destiny to the better or worse?


11. Kapitel 10

Lucifer….. Emilio he’s….” Lucifer looked up from his conversation with Mrs. Rewoldy, and saw this blood dripping demon.

What is it Marcus?” Lucifer was frustrated over getting interrupt, specially when it is messy at the same time.

Father I’m sorry to interrupt, I can see that I clearly was, but it is about the demon Emilio you sended to posses Pontius Pilate. The vessel kept fighting and…. Well Emilio is back but a little off and the vessel has began to ordering murders of these who are following the child and the child itself. What are your plans with this child Father?”

Lucifer began to think about how the demon had left a big mark on the soul so that he'd think evil thoughts and do more evil things than any human could possibly think of.

“Marcus let him be and let Emilio get a break this week”

The blood dripping demon named Marcus bowed and back as fast as he could away and out of the ballroom.

Lucifer drove his hand through his hair, both frustrated and confused.

How could this happen that a demon could touch a soul in that way.

Lucifer had no idea, but the thought excited him, he had to go find Iad and tell him about how the demon had touched a soul, but first he had to find out why the angel they captured was down here in the first place.

He knew the demon had gotten a little out of him but it wasn't enough to cover all Lucifer's questions.

Lucifer stood up and walked out of the ballroom and in to his chamber to get some of the records he had over those soul he could take whoem already beganed to darken.

Lucifer sat down with his deck and looked at the list when he noticed a star out from two girl names both young and both had pure souls, so they shouldn't be on his list nor should he know their names.
Lucifer couldn't take his eyes away from the names like they were calling to him, telling him to find them and join them.

Why? Who are these girls?

Lucifer's kept getting more questions, so he decided to walk down to Iad, who gave Lucifer the records.

Lucifer walked out of his chamber with the list in his hands, speedwalking down to Iad's study.

The whole way down to Iad's study, Lucifer could hear the voices from the list of these two girls, like they were standing right behind him calling with their lunges full power.

Their voices were pure and fine as the sound of a choir of angels, even though it only was his name they sung it sounded sweet and almost heavenly.

Lucifer almost walked by Iad's study because of the voice, but as sudden as they appeared as sudden did they fate away.

He turned to face the door and knock five times, but no footprints to hear or chairs rolling not even a snorr was to hear and oh Iad snorr more then any demon or angel Lucifer knew.

Maybe he's down with the other demons, maybe playing poker or pingball?

Lucifer decided to go down to the cells where the angel Dazariach was trapped,but before Lucifer walked down there he pushed the list under the door to the study and began to walk away.

The names where burned into Lucifers memory.

Lucifer walked infront of the cell Dazariach sat in, the angel sad with his back to Lucifer his wings where folden in so he almost looked human.

The angels had been falling after Lucifer and Iad feld, but the different was that they couldn't get full acses to their wings only a little light looking like wings, but flying wasn't the biggest problem, only when the humans was near.

“Dazariach do you still control which human the guardians are getting? And how many each guardian has?”

Lucifer stood with his back against the bars, he haded to see one of his brothers imprisoned, but his brothers had no hard feelings about imprisoning him, so he shouldn't feel so bad but he did.

Dazariach almost gave Lucifer a shock when he started speaking “Yes, but what do you care?”
Dazariach turned his head just enough to see over his shoulder, but Lucifer didn't look back at Dazariach although he could feel his eyes on Lucifer's back.

“Just answer me brother!”

“Yes brother I still have the commande on every God damn guadian”

Lucifer finally turned around to look Dazariach in the eyes a little shocked and glad, but Dazariach's eyes showed hate and misbelieves.

Lucifer knew that he couldn't bring himself to ask Dazariach the question about the two girls down here or now, maybe later but definitely not now.

Lucifer began to walk away from the dungeon and from Dazariach who yelled from his lunges full powers “Lucifer! Brother! Come on Luc you can't leave me down here!”

Lucifer could still hear his screams when he went up the stairs, but when he got to the top the screamed had gone dead.

When Lucifer had closed the door down to the dungeon Christof came walking down the hall.

“Hey Lucifer anything new from the flower power boy downstairs?”

Lucifer turned his back to Christof and went to the ballroom and sat down at his chair that was at the center of the square horseshoe the tables where placed in.

“Lafaya bring me my whisky …. Fast!”

Lafaya came running as fast he could with out spilling any drop of Lucifer's wishky.

When he gave Lucifer his wishky his hands shaked like a rattlesnake's tail when it feels threatened.

Lucifer's mood wasn't getting better sure he knew who he should go to for answers, but he also knew that he needed some other answers before he got the names of these two girls.

Lucifer got more and more frustrated, but he knew the only person he could talk with right now was Iad, but he was nowhere to be found.

Christof came in and sat down beside Lucifer wellknowing that the rage from his father was something, not even the most vicious demons father ever made was save from.

But a demon's cruelty was was only impowered a little, the more wicked a person was as human,the more vicious they would get as demons.

“Lucifer, wishky already? Ain't that a little too early even for you?”

“Christof not now I'm really not in th mood right now, can't you see that!?”

Lucifer smashed his wishky down at the table, so hard that Lafaya jumped up his chair over in the connor.

“Bite my neck and call me an angel! Lucifer get your grib together! You can't sit here and be a baby all day!”

Christof knew he was more than pushing the line and maybe spoked a little to rough at his father and he knew he could get in big trouble for speaking so much out of line.

Lucifr knew that christof only talked like this when he knew that Lucifer was being angry without a reason, but it still pissed Lucifer off like hell.

It is only to silly names! How can they effect me like this and so exstreme?

Lucifer stood up and began to walk out of the door to try one more time down at Iad's study.

The wishky were left untouched at the table.

Lucifer turned around and looked at Christof.

“Are you coming or what?”

“Coming where if I may be so bold to ask father?”

“Out to find Iad, so I can get some answers and stop being do God damn frustrated”

Christof stood up and followed Lucifer out of the door and down to Iad's study and this time, they got jackpot.

Iad sad at his desk writing new lists of which souls who had died and brought here and which who still lived but was going here when they dies.

Lucifer didn't bothered to knock, cause even if he did Iad wouldn't hear it so instead he walked right over and laid his hand on Iad's shoulder, so he made a little jump thanks to Lucifers touch and his wings sprang out from his back.

“Lucifer you scared me. Why didn't you knock on the door?”

Lucifer laughed so his whole upper body was shaking.

“Oh brother if I'd only knock then you wouldn't have heared it and we could have been standing outside your door for days before you would take a notice of us”

Iad shoked his head with a little smile

“Alright fine, what do you want?”

Lucifer walked over and sat down on the couch, Christof sits down besides him and looked from Lucifer to Iad and back.

“well for starters I really think you need some sleep, but first things first and then you're going to bed”

Christof sad all quite only a little sound almost like a mouse sqeeking came out of his mouths.

Lucifer looked at Christof with a looking telling him to keep quite if he shouldn't end back in the interogeting room with the angle Dazariach.

“You gave me this list 3 weeks ago and yes I know you're changing it at the moment we speak, but there are these two names of two twin girls on this list which souls are as pure as God himself and they are infants so they can't have made something bad yet. If they were oldere and their dicitions had been bad on purpose I could understand but this I don't. Please explain this to me”

Iad drives his hand through the back of his neck hair

“Oh those names they are just a print mistake I must have been really tired when I wrote that list since they slept past my eyes” Iad didn't dare to look Lucifer in his eyes knowning that he used to remove these names although they really did belong down in hell.

“So you are telling me that you have gotten too little with sleep for over a month now?” Lucifer began to massage his forehead, while closing his eyes and Christof just sad there saying nothing, but also felling the tension beginning to shiver in the room.

“Well this year as been a pretty stressful year a lot of people as died and we are stressed and some souls even ran off so I had to sent some demons after them. By the way your demons are some stupid fuckers”

Iad and Lucifer laughed so the whole room shaked. Christof sad and was a little offended, although he knew the asualt wasn't meant for him.

“But why do I feel this attraction to these girls and their names are hunting me, almost calling my name or singing it!? How can this be? The only time I ever felt like this was over a billion years ago”

Iad stood up and began to pace back and forth and his face showed that an inner fight was taking place inside his head.

Christof could feel like this conversation was taking a dramatic and exstremly personale turn, so he felt like he'd just entered in some private intim scene.

Christof raised as silence as he could and tried to walk out of the door without either Lucifer or Iad, but when he touched the door handle they both looked his way.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Christof's head turned bright pink and his eyes began too turn a little brighter than normally.

“Ehm.... Well I.... I thought this was... well you know..... a more private conversation than.... ehm you know..... than I should be in?” Christof drove his hand at his neck.

“Well sit down you are also going to need this information so you sit your pretty arse down and listen”

Christof walked in a hesited pace over to the couch.

“Now Iad where were we? Oh year the girls who are they?” Iad looked a little uncomfortable with the situation.

“Well how do I say this? Ehm these girls are.....”

Lucifer got impatient and his eyes turned from golden hazel to almost pitch black.

“Iad get on with it! Who are they!” 

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