The Devil's Promise - The Fall

Torn between his love and hate for these creatures his Father has giving life too, Lucifer decides to show his Father the true nature of these creatures he loves so much, but what will consequence be? Will Lucifer’s love be his undoing or will it prove to be his biggest strength?
Will the love of one human change his destiny to the better or worse?


2. Kapitel 1.

Lucifer walked through the hall where there were completely silent. It was the seventh day and that meant no work just relax and enjoy for the day.

Lucifer came to the end of the hall and the voices from all the others angels started to sound. Lucifer wasn’t sure that all of the minorities was pure all the way through but God had made up his mind that they all should live together so of course Lucifer didn’t question that, he loved God higher than everything and therefore didn’t questioned God’s will.

He came to the garden where all of the other angels were relaxing, some were doing yoga while others reading books, others again were just enjoying themselves with just being in the sun, of course they would because of the seventh rule.

Lucifer saw Quilt sitting alone with a noteblock as he always did he was the one who were needed to work even on the seventh day and he was Lucifer’s best friend and younger brother, well you can say that they all are brothers and sisters in some level but genetic Lucifer and Quilt was almost the same. Angels isn’t aged by how old they are but how much good and progress they are doing and their possession with God.

On his way over to Quilt, Lucifer saw the white dove above Quilt’s head in the tree he was sitting. Lucifer had never actually seen God in his real form, but the voices of God he knew better than his own wings.

Quilt looked up as Lucifer came closer to the tree, the holy spirit dove was already flown away as it always did when someone other than Quilt was near that tree.
Lucifer didn’t get to see what the notebook told about them this time and he knew that no matter how much he tried to get it out of Quilt he always ended up with no answer. Quilt looked up at him with that nervous smile “Hey brother Luc” Lucifer saw how nervous his little brother was and became immediately worried “What is it my brother Q? Is it burning in paradise?” Quilt looked around to see if the others were in safe distance like if Lucifer just had read what the book said and just said it out loud, Lucifer wasn’t sure if it was anger or worry he could see in Quilt’s eyes “Brother why so worried? is the book of present and future or is it He highness there scars you? I know he can be scary the first times you feel him so close” Lucifer didn’t know what else he should be saying.
Quilt looked at the noteblock as if he was scared to look at Lucifer which told him that it was something bad would happen to either him, them both or something or one would come between them. Lucifer never said it but he hated the possession his little brother was giving but he knew it was either Quilt or Lucifer himself there would have been in that possession and Lucifer’s possession was something much bigger and would take a whole other mind and the love for God needed to be full so no other love could come in almost, of course he loved Quilt but at a whole other level and nearly as much as he loved God.
Finally Quilt looked up from the book “Older brother you already know that the answer is non existing for you, so why do you bother even asking me every day?” The same answer as always or almost this time Quilt’s eyes told the answer. Lucifer let it go because he knew that Quilt never was going to say it “why don’t we go for a walk and you can take a distance from all of this” and pointed at the book, Quilt agreed to walk and talk of other things than the future.

Lucifer and Quilt walk past the angels there were doing yoga and meditation. When they came to the hall a female angel named Serafer and another male angel named Iad came towards them with a troubled face on. Serafer was beautiful with her hair dark as the night and went all the way down to the mid back and eyes as red as a rose with skin as fine as silk and with the color like she has laid in the sun for the perfect amount of time, her dress was white with a little twist of pink. Her wings were not extremely big but they were perfect sized for her and their color was white but in the sun they were light pink.

Iad in that case was completely different he had a dark skin tone and black as coal and shoulder long hair. His clothes were a white T-shirt and light grey shorts, his wings were big, when folded they were just 1 cm over the floor, their color was dusky calais grey and when the sun was on them they sparkle a little, his eyes were deep ocean blue. Serafer looked at Quilt like she would say something only for him but regret it instead she just looked at Lucifer and said “We need to talk Luc!” the seriousness in her face told him that it couldn’t wait “what is it Serafer? is it something that can’t wait?” Serafer looked at Quilt and she took him with her back to the garden while Lucifer and Iad stood back in the hall, first when they were gone Iad looked at Lucifer “first things first. You can’t keep asking Quilt what he sees or right down because it is none of our business. Now the second there is a rumor that God wants to create something that look like us but without the wings. I don’t know how true it is so don’t make a big deal out of it, not before we know where God wants us”  Lucifer look at Iad directly “What? Serious? How….when? but why?” “lucifer take it easy we don’t know if it’s true but if it is then we must embrace it because it’s God’s will and as we all know he is the one who knows the best” Lucifer took his hands through his dark brown short hair, his long wings started to shake. Lucifer had the longest wings of all the angels when folded and he walk out of a door you needed to count at least 5 seconds and the wings were white but in the sun all of the rainbow colors came to life and with his white T-shirt and pants. Lucifer took a few steps back and forth “is there other angels there have heard these rumors?” Lucifer insisted on knowing “No only a few and we told them not to tell anyone else about them until God himself reveal if they are true or not” “hopefully it will be sooner than later”

In the evening Lucifer sad in his chamber with a book and the thoughts just kept running and he couldn’t stop them from running, they were about the rumors and what God wanted from Lucifer. It was difficult to find an end to all of this. It drained Lucifer so much that he fell asleep.

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