Lost Boy

"I'm just a lost boy, not ready to be found." Troye thinks his relationship with Tyler can't be fixed. All Tyler wants is Troye.


1. Alone

"Tyler," Troye looks distressed. He is. He never thought he would have to do this.

Tyler smiles. He loves the way Troye says his name, "Tylah."

"Yeah, Troye?"

"I- Well you know how I'm always busy with music and everything, right?"

Tyler frowns, he doesn't like where this is going.


"I don't think we should, um, be together anymore."

Any hint of happiness in Tyler's face fades.

"Because you don't have time for me?"

"No! Tyler, I'm sorry, I'm just not ready for something like this. I love you, I really do. I just think you can find someone who has everything together and can spend time with you."

"But, Troye, I don't want that. I want you."

"I'm sorry, Tyler."

It takes everything Tyler has not to cry. He doesn't want to lose Troye.

Troye walks away, leaving Tyler alone.

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