The Music we Make

Cora Steele is a girl with talents anyone would die for.

Drew Bates is a guy with talents he would die to get rid of.

They're polar opposites and hate each other from the moment they first speak.

He wants all the attention and she attracts it.

But over time they learn that they're not so different after all, and maybe they could learn to like each other.

• • • • • •

Cora was a happy, talented girl until her parents died right before her first year of high school.
Now it's two years later and she has to go to a school for the talents that she hates to love.
She knows its the right thing to do but can she handle all the pain and pressure her talents bring?
Maybe with the help of a few friends and a special boy, she can survive the rest of high school, and maybe even learn to love it.

• • • • • •

P.S. I'm really bad at descriptions so sorry :/


1. Prologue

"I think you should go." My aunt Maria told me as I looked down at the acceptance letter. 

Congratulations! You have been accepted into 'Jefferson Academy' school of the gifted

I sighed and shook my head, I already rejected the offer back in the ninth grade, and I'll gladly do it again. 

"I think it'll be good for you, to be around people just as talented as you are." She continued, scooting closer to me on the couch and putting an arm around my shoulder. 

I scoffed and shook it off. She didn't care about what might be 'good for me'. She just wanted me out of the house so she could move in with her boyfriend. 

"I'm not going." I stated, crossing my arms stubbornly. 

"You're going whether you like it or not. I was just trying to be nice." She admitted and paused for a moment before adding "You have some talents that need to be used instead of neglected." 

I rolled my eyes and clenched my hands into fists to keep from shouting at her. "You know why I don't want to go." 

"I know what you went through was tough, but you need to move forward with your life. This school is the first step in moving on." 

I let out a humourless chuckle and walked away. I can't just 'move on' from the thing that ripped my whole life apart. 

I don't care what she says or does, I'm not going to that stupid school.

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