The Music we Make

Cora Steele is a girl with talents anyone would die for.

Drew Bates is a guy with talents he would die to get rid of.

They're polar opposites and hate each other from the moment they first speak.

He wants all the attention and she attracts it.

But over time they learn that they're not so different after all, and maybe they could learn to like each other.

• • • • • •

Cora was a happy, talented girl until her parents died right before her first year of high school.
Now it's two years later and she has to go to a school for the talents that she hates to love.
She knows its the right thing to do but can she handle all the pain and pressure her talents bring?
Maybe with the help of a few friends and a special boy, she can survive the rest of high school, and maybe even learn to love it.

• • • • • •

P.S. I'm really bad at descriptions so sorry :/


10. Chapter 9

"Can I have your key?" Drew asked when we reached my room. 

I took out my key and handed it to him almost robotically. I couldn't think straight, and I was too weak to argue. 

He quickly unlocked the door and held it open so I could enter. 

I flopped down on my bed and buried my face in my pillow. I'd scream into it if I had enough energy.

"I don't think you should be alone right now." Drew said, and I felt his presence beside me. 

"You shouldn't worry about me." I replied, turning my head to the side so I could see him. 

"Where's Skyalr?" He questioned as he sat down on the floor next to my bed.

I sighed, they picked the perfect weekend to ditch me. "Her and Jess are home for the weekend."

Drew furrowed his eyebrows as he thought and I almost laughed. He does that every time, it makes him look like he's in pain when he thinks too hard. 

All I can picture is his head exploding just before he decided something. 

"I'll stay." Drew stated, breaking me out of my thoughts. 

Wait, what? He can't stay. Not only is that against the rules, it's weird. And he didn't even ask.

"I don't care what you say, I'm staying. I can't just leave someone who, ten minutes ago, was outside in the dark crying." He added, leaving no room for argument. 

I know I shouldn't be alone but I don't want him here. I need Sky or Jess right now.

"You're sleeping on the floor." I replied. He's so not sleeping on Sky's bed, or mine.

"Fine." He replied, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly. 

I looked around the room uncomfortably, what were we suppose to do now? 

"We should go to sleep now." Drew replied to my thought. 

How does he do that?

I got under my covers and turned off the lamp on my night table. 

Am I suppose to say goodnight to him?

"Goodnight." Drew whispered, again answering my thought. 

"Goodnight." I whispered back, and quickly fell asleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Wake up!" 

"Cora wake up!" 


"Please stop screaming."

I opened my eyes to Drew hovering over me with his hands on my shoulders. 

"W-what are you doing?" I exclaimed, pushing him away. 

Drew slowly sat down on the floor as he replied "You were having a nightmare. I was trying to wake you up because you were screaming."

I felt something wet on my cheeks and wiped them away. Tears.

"Crap, I'm sorry."

Drew let out a humorless laugh, "You're sorry. For what? You were having a nightmare. Thats not your fault."

I looked into his eyes as he said that. They were filled with panic and anger. 

"What time is it?" I asked. Hopefully its late enough to get up. 

Drew got out his phone. "5:38 a.m."

Perfect, I can get up and grab some breakfast. 

As I got out of bed I looked down at the ground Drew had slept on. No blanket or pillow. He slept on the cold wooden floor. 

"I'm so sorry. I should've got you a blanket and stuff." I apologized, and Drew just shrugged in reply.

"So you don't have to stay anymore. I'm fine now." I told him as I walked to the door. Sure I wasn't fine, but he really didn't have to babysit me anymore.

"Where are you going?" He asked, ignoring what I said.

I rolled my eyes, he really didn't have to be a hero right now. "Breakfast."

"I'll come with you." He offered, but I wasn't going to say no. He's going with me whether I like it or not. 

We walked the the cafeteria in a comfortable silence, which was definitely a first for us. 

Just as we walked through the doors of our destination my phone started ringing. I don't know why I even brought my phone, but I'm glad I did now. 

"Hello?" I answered. 

"Hey it's me, I'm on my way back to school. My family let me go early because I lied and said I have a test I need to study for. I'm coming to save you from your boredom."

"That's great! Not the lying part of course but I'm glad you're coming back." I replied, and my heart felt a little lighter knowing that Matt was on his way back. 

"Well I have to go, I'll see you in a couple hours. Bye Cora." Were Matt's parting words. 

I muttered a quick "Bye." Into the phone right before he hung up, and rolled my eyes at his eagerness to come back. 

"Who was that?" Drew asked when I put my phone in my pocket. 

I jumped at the sound of his voice, I forgot he was here. 

"Matt, he's coming back early." I answered, and a smile creeped onto my lips. I couldn't help but feel happy. He's just what I need to help me cope with the news I got last night. 

"I have to go." Drew suddenly said. 

I looked at him, confused at his suddenly strained voice, and opened my mouth to ask what's wrong but he was gone before I could utter the words. 

What's his problem? 

I shrugged off his weird mood swing and smiled at a cafeteria lady as I got my food. 

- - - - - - - - - - - 

"Matt!" I called as I saw him get out of his car. 

I'd been waiting outside for him so I could see him as soon as he arrived. 

"Cora you look like crap." Was Matt's greeting words.

"Wow, thanks. Great job boosting my ego." I sarcastically replied.

"I didn't mean it like that!" Matt exclaimed, "Your eyes are just kind of puffy and red, and you haven't brushed your hair."

I touched my hair self consciously and felt a very knotty spot. That's embarrassing.

"What happened?" Matt continued, giving me a concerned look. 

"My aunt died." I told him without hesitation.

When Drew asked, I didn't want to tell him what happened. But with Matt it's just different. I feel comfortable around him and I can trust him with my life. 

"That's terrible." Matt quietly said as he pulled me in for a hug. 

I wrapped my arms around him and we stayed like that for a few minutes. Being in his arms was oddly comforting. 

When we pulled out of the hug I saw the curiosity on Matt's face. It just human instinct to want to know how someone died. 

"A drunk driver hit her car." I told him, a sour taste forming in my mouth as I said the words. 

I don't even know if that's true. The accident was intentional so I don't think the other driver was very drunk.

"But anyway, want to go play cards or something?" I asked, effectively changing the subject. 

"Alright, it's on. I'm totally gonna beat you in Go Fish."

I rolled my eyes at his cocky reply. He has no idea how badly he's wrong. I'm the master of Go Fish, I win every time.

Once we got to the music den and set up the cards I gave poor Matt a smirk. 

"What are you looking all smug for huh?" He questioned, giving me a fake intimating stare.

"Oh you'll see." Was my reply. 

An hour and six games of Go Fish later, Matt realized why I had that smirk on my face.

"How do you do that?" He whined after I won for the sixth time in a row. 

"I guess I'm good at Go Fish." I replied, looking at him innocently. 

"You hustled me!" He exclaimed when he realized I knew I was going to win every time. 

I shook my head and giggled, that poor sucker.

Matt pouted as I laughed at him, and then suddenly picked me up and put me over his shoulder. 

"Hey! What are you doing?" I exclaimed as I tried to wiggle out of his grasp. 

"I'm going to carry you around like this until you admit that you hustled me." He replied calmly as he walked out the door and into the hallway. 

"You're gonna get in trouble." I told him, hoping that was enough for him to let me down.

He laughed, "Do you really think that's gonna stop me."

I sighed in defeat, why would I ever think that was going to work.

"If you just admit-" 

"Never!" I yelled, cutting him off.

"Oh c'mon Cora." 

I giggled, "It's not gonna happen."

"Just admit it." Matt sighed. 

"What the hell are you guys doing?" A deep voice suddenly said, causing Matt to jump and almost drop me.

"Oh, hey Drew." Matt greeted when he saw who it was. 

"Um, Matt? I think you can put me down now." I interjected, tapping him on the shoulder. 

He let out a dramatic sigh but gently set me on my feet. 

"Do you want to hang out with us?" I asked Drew when no one spoke. 

As much as I didn't want to see him, I felt bad for hogging his best friend. 

"Uh-" Drew started but Matt cut him off.

"That would be great! My favourite guy and girl both hanging out with me."

Favourite girl huh?

"I guess." Drew replied when he realized that Matt was not going to take no for an answer. 

"We can go outside and throw around a football or something if you two want?" Matt suggested as we started walking down the hall. 


"I'm down."

Drew and I said at the same time

"You're pretty cool Cora Steele." Matt said with a big smile on his face, obviously happy that I'm alright with doing a "boy" thing. 

Little did they know that Go Fish wasn't my only hidden talent. 

My dad was obsessed with football, so he taught me how to throw one as soon as I was able to hold the ball. 

"Do you want us to get a smaller football so it's easier to throw?" Matt asked when we got to the football field. 

"No, I think I can handle a regular one." I replied. 

"Alright, your funeral." Matt teased.

Once he got the ball we spread out into a triangle.  The cycle was Matt threw to me, I threw to Drew, and Drew threw to Matt. 

"You can do better than that Matty!" I called once I caught the ball he threw.  It was the softest throw I've ever witnessed.

"I just don't want to hurt you." He replied as I threw a perfect spiral right into Drew's hands. 

"Holy shit." I heard Drew say under his breath right before Matt exclaimed, 

"Damn girl! Where'd you learn to throw like that." 

"My dad wanted a boy." I joked. It's nice that I can finally mention my parents without feeling sad.

After throwing the ball around for half an hour we got bored and decided to play a game. 

Drew was the quarterback, Matt was on defense, and I was the receiver. 

"Hut!" Drew called, and backed into his throwing position. 

I juked Matt out and ran to where Drew threw the ball. 

Matt had caught up to me by the time I was about to catch the ball, and tipped it so it went a bit higher and above my head. 

I jumped and stuck my right hand up, hoping for a miracle, and then fell to the ground. 

"What?!" I heard Matt yell. 

"Did she get it?" Drew called. 

I looked down at my stomach where my hands were currently, and saw the ball securely in them. 

"Can anyone say Odell Beckham Jr.?!" I cheered as I stood up and raised the ball over my head.  

They both cheered and laughed as they ran over to me. 

"Hey, wanna be on the team?" Matt joked as he walked over to pat me on the shoulder.

"No, all the other guys would feel bad that a girl was better than them." I replied, sticking my tongue out at them after I was done speaking. 

"That was just a lucky catch." Drew commented. 

"If you threw the ball better I wouldn't have had to jump up and snatch it." I shot back, jokingly. 

"Hey, Matt tipped it. The ball would've landed in your hands if he hadn't." Drew replied, chuckling. 

I could see the happiness in his eyes for the first time ever, and it was beautiful. His blue eyes seemed so much brighter. 

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