The Music we Make

Cora Steele is a girl with talents anyone would die for.

Drew Bates is a guy with talents he would die to get rid of.

They're polar opposites and hate each other from the moment they first speak.

He wants all the attention and she attracts it.

But over time they learn that they're not so different after all, and maybe they could learn to like each other.

• • • • • •

Cora was a happy, talented girl until her parents died right before her first year of high school.
Now it's two years later and she has to go to a school for the talents that she hates to love.
She knows its the right thing to do but can she handle all the pain and pressure her talents bring?
Maybe with the help of a few friends and a special boy, she can survive the rest of high school, and maybe even learn to love it.

• • • • • •

P.S. I'm really bad at descriptions so sorry :/


8. Chapter 7

I'm freaking out. 

Drew and I preform our song in front of the whole school today, and I'm terrified. 

I know we're going to do well, we've practiced so much I could play the song in my sleep. But I can't help but feel like I'm going to just freeze with all those people watching me. Which would then result in Drew killing me, if I hadn't already died of embarrassment.

There's only an hour and a half until the performance so Drew and I are currently in the music room practicing, we're in the zone right now, playing perfectly. If I can just stay like this I'll be fine on stage, I hope.

"Why are you nervous anyway?" Drew asked when we were finished playing the song, "I mean you close your eyes like a freak, so it's not like you're going to look out at the crowd and freeze or anything."

Okay rude. 

"I haven't performed for an audience since-" I started and quickly corrected myself when I realized what I was about to say, "I mean I haven't performed in two years." 

Drew gave me a weird look but didn't question me, thankfully.

"How are you not nervous?" I asked, not because I wanted to know, but because he asked me a question so now its my turn.

Drew rolled his eyes, "Why would I be nervous, I'm the best in the school at guitar, and I never mess up. Performing is basically just rubbing your talent in everyones face."

I shook my head, why am I not surprised. Of course he'd look at it that way. Performing is just his way of saying "Hey, I'm better than you" to everyone in the audience.

"We'll play it one more time and then go change and get ready." He told me, instead of asking. 

So that's exactly what we did. 

"Remember, wear something formal and black." Was his way of saying goodbye once we finished the song.

- - - - - - - -

"So Sky, can you help me out with something?" I asked my bubbly roommate once I was in our dorm room. 

"Your hair?" She asked rhetorically, and I nodded in confirmation. 

I'm terrible at doing anything good when it comes to hair. 

Forty minutes later I was all dolled up in a black dress, red lipstick, and loosely curled hair. 

I looked in the mirror one last time to make sure everything was perfect, and couldn't help but smile. For the first time in a long time, I feel pretty. 

That was the confidence boost I needed to make it through the performance. 

I quickly made my way to the auditorium with Sky beside me, doing some weird mouth exercises to warm up. 

"I hope I do well, I've been messing up lately." Sky suddenly said as we walked through the door to the room backstage.

"You're an amazing singer, you wouldn't be at this school if you weren't. You're going to have an outstanding performance." I told her, giving her an encouraging smile. I knew she would do perfect. 

"Thanks Cora. And you're going to do great too!"

"Maybe, but I'm gonna go find Drew now. Who knows how long it'll take me to find him. Good luck!" I told Sky, and waved as I walked into the crowd. 

"Good luck!" She called, waving back.

Okay, where to find Drew? 

"Looking for someone?" A deep voice asked from behind me, startling me so bad I almost fell.

"Did you really need to sneak up on me?" I hissed once I spun around and saw who the voice belonged to. Drew.

" I didn't have to. But I'm glad I did." He answered, chuckling. 

I scowled at him but it didn't last long. His eyes practically sparkle when he laughs, making him look more boyish than manly. It was really a nice change compared to his usual hard expression and emotionless eyes.

"I know I'm good looking but you're starting to creep me out." Drew said, waving his hand in front of my eyes and snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Sorry, I just spaced our for a second." Was the best lie I could come up with at the moment. 

Damn him and his sparkly blue eyes! I had the perfect opportunity to insult him. 

"Cora, Drew, you're on in three acts." A lady called from behind the curtain. 

My heart started to beat rapidly as I processed what she said. In about ten minutes I'll be on stage.

"Oh god, I can't do this." I whispered to myself. 

"You're going to do fine." Drew told me, giving me a half sincere smile. 

He wasn't suppose to hear that. 

"Stop freaking out before you make me nervous." He continued, this time starting to sound frustrated.

Okay, I need to calm down.

You can do this Cora. 

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

"You're up next." The same lady from behind the curtain called, pointing at Drew and I. 

I can do this. I thought over and over as I made my way to the side of the stage.

"Just pretend like were alone in the music room, okay?" Drew told me calmly. 

I nodded, I could do that. I'll just close my eyes and picture the music room. 

Besides, the audience is rooting for me. They want me to do well. They don't want to listen to a bad performance. 

"You're up." 

Drew and I walked onto stage and the crowd clapped politely. 

You can do this, they're rooting for you. 

I sat down at the piano, closed my eyes, and took deep breaths as I waited for Drew to start.

The first note swirled through my mind as Drew played it perfectly. 

I swayed slightly as I got into his intro, waiting for my que to begin playing.

Four more four count bars and I start. 



And with one bar left I heard it. He played a major instead of a minor. 

Drew messed up.

 But he didn't freeze, and I joined in when the bar was done.

For the rest of the song we played perfectly. The notes were going up my fingers and all the way to my heart. I felt whole again, playing this song with Drew. I could feel my heart warm up for the first time in two years.

And as we played the last notes of the song, I felt sad. Sad that the song would end. Sad that I would probably never play it again with Drew. Sad that it was all over.

Then I played the last chord.

It was silent when I opened my eyes. 

Did they hate it?  I thought, starting to feel the pull of panic take over.

And then all at once, a thunder of applause shook the auditorium. 

I took it all in for a moment, astonished at the reaction to our song. 

As I walked to the front of the stage to bow with Drew, I could see the smiles from the audience, causing me to smile. 

What a rush. 

Drew and I hurried off stage, even though I could've stayed out there forever, and when I stopped at the side of the stage to watch the other performances, Drew kept going. He stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him. 

And for some unknown, insane reason, I hurried after him, forgetting all about the other performances I wanted to watch, and the happiness our performance brought me.

I quickly exited the room the same way Drew did, and exhaled a breath of relief when I saw him sitting on the floor, back pressed up against the wall. I expected to go on a hunt of the whole school to find him.

I sat down the same way he was, on the wall across from him, and stayed silent. I didn't want to say anything to upset him more, I'd rather not get yelled at right now.

"Fuck." He whispered, putting his head against the wall and looking up at the ceiling. "Dammit."

"Don't beat yourself up over it." I blurted out, and slapped my hands on my mouth so I couldn't say anything else. I didn't mean to say that out loud.

He slowly lowered his eyes so he was looking at me, and I could see a wave of emotions running through them. Sadness, anger, disappointment, panic. 

Why did that little mistake affect him so much?

"I messed up. I never mess up." He hissed through clenched teeth. 

"I'm sure no one noticed, only a trained ear would be able to tell." I reassured him. 

Why am I helping him? He's not my partner anymore, or my friend, and I'm not the one that messed up. 

He shook his head. "I had something to prove and I failed. I'm no better than anyone else in this school."

"You're the best guitarist here, and you play from your heart. That makes you great. Better than most people." 

He let out a dry laugh. "Of course you'd say that. You know, I don't need your pity, or your help. You're the one that messed me up by freaking out backstage. This is your fault."

"No." I said sharply. "You're not going to blame me for your mistake. This is not my fault and I'm not going to let you blame me. You need to face the fact that you messed up, and deal with it. Stop being a baby." 

I felt good after my little rant, but braced myself for the rude words he was going to shoot my way.

"You're right. I'm sorry." He replied, sounding defeated, and then got up and left. Leaving me sitting alone in the hallway, speechless. 


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