The Music we Make

Cora Steele is a girl with talents anyone would die for.

Drew Bates is a guy with talents he would die to get rid of.

They're polar opposites and hate each other from the moment they first speak.

He wants all the attention and she attracts it.

But over time they learn that they're not so different after all, and maybe they could learn to like each other.

• • • • • •

Cora was a happy, talented girl until her parents died right before her first year of high school.
Now it's two years later and she has to go to a school for the talents that she hates to love.
She knows its the right thing to do but can she handle all the pain and pressure her talents bring?
Maybe with the help of a few friends and a special boy, she can survive the rest of high school, and maybe even learn to love it.

• • • • • •

P.S. I'm really bad at descriptions so sorry :/


3. Chapter 2

"Drew Bates?" I asked, curious as to why Sky used his last name unlike Jess when she told me who the other two were.

"He's the it guy here." Sky answered. 

"Yeah, he's hot, popular and a multi talent." Jess continued. 

"So in other words every guy wants to be him and every girl want to be with him." Sky concluded, looking at him longingly. 

I snorted. How cliché is this place? It even has its own group of popular guys. I bet they're real troublemakers too.

"So what are they here for?" I asked, ignoring the looks Jess and Sky were sending Drew and his friends. 

"They're all here for football, and Drew's also here for guitar." A girl walking by answered when she saw that Sky and Jess were too caught up in gawking at the boys. 

And before I could say anything she was out the door.

I was sad for a moment that I didn't get her name, but got over it when the three boys got up and started walking our way. 

I heard Jess inhale sharply, and looked over to see Sky looking pale beside me. 

I rolled my eyes at their dramatics and looked back at the three 'it' boys. 

"Are you a treble clef? Because you have curves in all the right places." Drew said when he was in front of us, looking right at me with a creepy smile on his attractive face.

I scoffed, "Are you calling me fat?" 

His smile faltered, but he quickly recovered,"I could call you many things, but fat isn't one of them. Beautiful, or sexy maybe. But not fat." 

I rolled my eyes. He sure is desperate. 

"I've never seen you before, and I'd notice a beautiful girl like you, so I assuming you're new. What's your name?" He asked when he realized that I wasn't going to answer him. 

"Cora Steele." replied, sighing when I realized that he wasn't going to just go away. 

"Oh, it's you." He said, his voice turning uninterested and his smile turning into a scowl. 

Without another word he walked away, his two friends following like lost puppies. 

"What just happened?"I asked, looking back at Jess and Sky. 

Sky shrugged, looking just as confused as I must look, but Jess answered "Everyone's been talking about you and your drawing talent, which is taking the spotlight off of Drew. And everyone knows that Drew needs attention like he needs food and water. So it's only natural that he'd react that way when he found out who you are."

"So you're saying that Drew and I are basically destined to be enemies or something?" I questioned, and Sky and Jess nodded sadly. 

Great. I've been here less than a day and I'm already enemies with the three most popular guys in  school. 

"Well he can hate me all he wants, I really don't care." I said, more to myself than Jess and Sky. 

"Well anyway, why don't we go back to our dorm and watch a movie or something?" Sky suggested, and I agreed because I didn't feel like having another run in with this Drew Bates guy. 

Unfortunately Jess had to meet someone for a study session so it was just me and Sky.

Once we were back in our dorm I put on my favourite hello kitty pj pants and a white tank top. Even though it was still fairly early, I was completely done with today, and I wasn't going to leave my room until tomorrow. 

"Nice pjs." Sky teased when I came out of the bathroom. 

"Look who's talking." I shot back playfully, taking in her Cinderella nightgown. 

She just laughed and set up the movie as I snuggled under my covers. 

Eventually the movie started and I had no idea what it was. All I knew was that it was pretty boring, and I fell asleep twenty minutes in. 


I woke up the next morning at four, due to falling asleep before supper last night. 

I was wide awake, hungry, and completely bored, since Sky wasn't awake. 

I though about waking her up, but scenarios of her getting mad and throwing something at my head persuaded me to let her be. 

Instead I decided to take a shower in hopes that she'd be awake by the time I was out. But when I walked out of the bathroom she was still snoring softly. 

What to do? What to do?

I could always invent Popsicles that didn't melt, I'm sure everyone would be up by the time I'm done that. 

A loud grumble interrupted my crazy thoughts, and I glared down at my stomach.

But then, as if a lightbulb went off above my head, I had a brilliant idea that would waste some time. I could go to the cafeteria to get some breakfast. Why hadn't I thought of that before?

I got up and patted my stomach in thanks as I walked through the door. 

Now that my stomach was rumbling, I realized just how hungry I was. I slept through supper last night, and all I ate before that was a bagel on the way to this stupid school. 

I really need to eat properly, because this wasn't the first time I missed meals. I just forgot to eat sometimes. 

Once I got to the cafeteria I mentally high fived myself for remembering where it was.

I headed straight for the buffet style table that was thankfully already filled with food. Why there would be freshly made food at five in the morning? I have no idea.

I took a plate and filled it with hash browns, bacon, and pancakes. God I love breakfast food! Except for eggs. I can't stand eating unborn chickens. 

Once I had my food I looked around for a place to sit and my eyes landed on a boy. 

I couldn't see his face because he was hunched over, eating, but he appeared to be very tall and muscular. 

I was about to go over and introduce myself when he looked up, training his clear grey eyes on me.

Drew Bates. 

What in the world is he doing up at this time? Surly a guy like him would sleep until one in the afternoon since it's the weekend. 

The moment he realized who I was, his curious look turned into a nasty glare. If looks could kill I'd be six feet under right now. 

In reply to his glare I just rolled my eyes and walked to a table on the opposite side of the cafeteria from him. 

What was wrong with this guy? Did he not like my hello kitty pjs or something? I swear if he doesn't like them I'll personally cut off his fingers. That way he won't be able to do any of his precious talents. 

As you can probably tell, I'm very defensive over my favourite pyjamas. 

Just as I put my first fork full of pancakes in my mouth, Drew was done eating and stomping out the door. 

I smirked, maybe he can read minds and got scared after I silently threatened to cut off his fingers. Serves him right for glaring at me.

After I was done eating I headed back to my dorm, and thankfully Sky was awake. 

"Where we're you?" She asked the minute I walked through the door.

"Eating breakfast." I replied, and bit the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing at her crazy bed hair. 

"You could've woke me up." She told me, but it didn't sound too sincere. I could already tell that this girl has a special relationship with her sleep. 

"Well I'm going to have a shower." She announced after a few second, and got up without waiting for a reply. 

Once I heard the shower turn on, boredom struck me full force again. I had a serious problem with not being able to find ways to entertain myself. 

After a few minutes of looking around the room, trying to find something interesting, I realized that there was nothing to do. 

So I wrote Sky a note, telling her that I went exploring, and quickly changed into leggings and a sweater before walking out the door. 

Once I was in the hallway I looked around and mentally groaned. Where was I suppose to go to find something interesting to do? All I see is hallways. 

The only place I could go was the den, but I didn't want to risk running into Drew. 

I walked around aimlessly until I came to a door with the words 'music room' on it. 

Well that seemed promising. Maybe I could go bang on some drums or something. 

I entered the room and closed the door quietly behind me. For some reason I felt like I was doing something against the rules, but no one ever told me there were certain rooms I could and couldn't go in. 

I took a moment to take in my surroundings, surprised at how neat and tidy the place was . Chairs with a music stand in front of each, guitars hanging on the back wall, a set of drums in one corner, and a piano in the other.

Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw a window, and the familiar form of Drew, in what must have been a private studio. 

What shocked me wasn't that Drew was here, but that he was playing guitar, and beautifully. 

I could just faintly hear the notes of an unfamiliar song, and moved closer to the door of the studio in hopes that I could hear the song more clearly. 

I was almost at the point where I was pressing my ear up against the door because the song he was playing was so beautiful and sad. But I didn't want to look too crazy if I got caught listening.

I really want to know what this song is called though, because I'd play it over and over every time I got sad. 

Or maybe Drew made it himself. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case, he did get into this school for guitar. 

But why would he make something so sad? From what I could tell, Drew was popular, perfect looking, and talented. He has no reason to be sad, everyone loves him. I couldn't picture anyone hurting him in any way. 

But everyone has their secrets. 

I was brought out of my thought when the studio door opened and I was looking at a black shirt hugging a broad chest instead of the door. 

I was so lost in thought that I didn't even notice that the music had stopped.

Once I fully registered what was happening, I took a big step back and looked up at Drew with a sheepish smile. 

"Are you stalking me or something?" He asked, giving me a look of disgust. 

I scoffed "Don't flatter yourself. I was exploring and found this room, and you just happened to be in here." 

He raised his eyebrows, giving me a look that said 'Do you really think I believe you?' 

"So why didn't you leave when you saw me here? Standing outside the door and listening to me is pretty creepy." He replied, and brushed past me with his guitar in hand. 

"Well I heard you playing and I wanted to know what the song was called." I explained as I followed him out of the music room. 

"It's called none of your business." He answered as he kept walking. 

"I'd really like to know. It was a beautiful song." I told him honestly.

After those words left my mouth he came to a dead stop, almost causing me to crash into his back. 

"Look." He sighed and turned around to face me. "I don't like you, you shouldn't like me, how about we just stay clear of each other and never talk again?" He suggested, widening his eyes in hope.

I let out a humourless laugh, "I don't know what your problem with me is, but you need to get yourself in line because I'm not going to bow down at your feet like everyone else." 

Once I was done my very short rant I stomped away, not giving him a chance to reply.

I was not going to let him have the last word. 

What's his problem with me anyway? I've never done anything to him. He doesn't even know me! 

Suddenly I was being spun around and pressed up against a wall. 

I looked up into the clear grey eyes of Drew Bates, only now realizing that they were actually crystal blue. 

"Don't take this so personal sweetheart, I hate a lot of people." Drew whispered, and stormed away.

I didn't even attempt to reply, I was too in shock to string a proper sentence together.

And just like that, Drew won. 

He got the last word, and I was fuming with anger. How dare he push me against a wall and whisper rude words in my ear. And he had the audacity to call me sweetheart? 

Cora - 0, Drew - 1.

This is so not over Drew Bates. You haven't scared me off, but maybe I'll scare you off. Just you wait.

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