Locked up with the Badboy.

I take a seat on the floor in front of him, "What?"

He combs a hand through his dark hair and sighs, "This is a maximum security prison, the people here have killed babies, shot up schools , killed multiple partners and run crime rings and you, are saying that I'm mean? "


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The next day Benny explains to me, is mail day. Mail day is very important because it gives him something to do for the rest of the week and he has a deal with the FBI in which they send him six novels a week to keep him entertained.

At what is usually breakfast time a google-translate like voice comes across our loudspeaker; “All inmates to the far rear wall of your cell, empty your pockets and hands. Staff will not enter until you comply with our instructions.”

Having nothing in my hand or pockets I flick Benny a, this is totally lame look and stand with my back touching the wall opposite our door. Benny hurries as well, I’d expect him to put up a bit of a fight but then again he really looks excited to receive mail and books.

Cravings I think to myself, unable to escape the fact that I’m going to be like that soon. Our door slides open and Mt- Guard Simpson stands in the doorway. She’s flanked by two armed guards that train their rifles on us. Guard Simpson waddles her way into the middle of our room and places the breakfast tray accompanied by seven books, a couple of newsletters and five envelopes of mail on the ground. She looks at me and smiles, even through the guards behind her couldn’t see it, it was a risky gesture but kind. I smiled back.

The door slid shut as she exited the room and immediately Benny was angry. “What are you doing? They’re not our friends.”

My smile turned into a scowl and I gave him a little shove, “And it’s your business why?”

He shrugged, seemed to let it go and picked up our trays, “Let’s see what we have here.”

The six books passed through inspection first; war and peace, the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and why we took the car. Were all approved of, however he didn’t seem to be impressed with the others, them being Harlequins and all.

Next was the prison bulletin; a lame magazine that contained not funny jokes, terrible stories and one quote. The letters ranked the highest on our importance scale and therefore went last. The first was for Benny which was disappointing, and the second and the third. The fourth only had a barcode on the side, while the fifth and heartbreakingly the sixth were Benny’s. He opened the fourth and found that it was a letter from one of his friends. Without reading it Benny slipped it back inside it’s envelope, he looked up at me, and gave a faint smile, he almost appeared ashamed that he’d received anything at all. “Do you want my books?” he asks. Hand at the ready to deliver anything I want.

“No thanks.” Instead I walk behind our bunks and begin to do pushups. Letting out my frustration through my arms. Benny calls to me softly but I ignore him, exhaling loudly. I know that in hindsight I’m being a kid. Just because I didn’t get any letters. But I don’t really care, I just want to be angry and hate on all my family and friends for not even attempting to contact me because I know that if I’m not angry at them then the only thing I’ll have to obsess over is their reason for not contacting me.

And I really miss Chris.

I shake my hair,  feeling it whip against my shoulders. Arms burning I go down for sit-ups.


This time when I shower Benny turns his back to me. I’m initially tense but relax when he doesn’t so much turn as turn his head. I turn the heat up and rest my head against the tiling, with the water streaming around me I can’t hear anything which is perfect because it helps me not to think.


I’ve been staring at a wall for hours. Normally the insomniatic part of me sleeps outside, but occasionally we reunite. In the empty silence I think about home and not getting any letters on letter day and what that means.

Below me I hear Benny twist and sigh. Having not spoken to me since offering up a book he softly pokes the mattress beneath me, “Clara? Are you awake?”

I leave my eyes on the wall “Yep.”

“Can you sleep?” For the first time since I’ve met him his voice is soft and yielding. I wonder for a moment if he’s been in the same position. “Not really.” I reply, wiping my nose which has annoyingly started to run.

“You know, I hate prison,” he says with feeling, “Pretty much everything you do here is a waste of time.”

I think about this for a while, because it’s night and I’m not distracted I actually ask a good question, “And what would you be doing if you were on the outside?”

“I dunno, making money. Earning a living all that good stuff.” I can hear the sound of him twanging one of the springs under his bed, he stops, “What about you?”

“I’d be at university, on the second year of my History studies.”

“That sounds really good.” I smile at the roof and the way he’s trying to help me feel better. Benny twangs the spring again, “ Clara It’s a pretty weird question, and you don’t have to answer, but how old are you?”

I bite my lip, and try to see think of any reasons not to tell him, I can’t think of any; “I’m nineteen,” I say just loud enough for him to hear.

“Nineteen!” he sounds shocked, “No way.”

“Yeah, I guess I look older then I am.”

I push my head over the side of the bed, in the glow of the T.V I see him nod, “You do… but in a good way.”

Maybe I should put that on my Tinder; Clara Van Oostradam, Old in a good way. “And you?” I ask, still grinning.

“Me? Guess.”

“Hmm, twenty-five?”

“Lower.” I sense satisfaction in his voice.



“Surely you’re not 21?”

He sticks out his tongue, “I was last time I checked.”

“No offence but you don’t look it.”

“If I had a shave and a haircut, you’d think I was still at kindergarten.”

That makes me laugh, and suddenly I feel tired. “Night Benny.”

He chuckles, “Did you really think I was twenty five?”

“I’m probably just blind.” There’s silence in our room, but it’s a silence of two people thinking, not a silence of things unsaid. I feel my eyes beginning to close and dreamland wandering, “Night Benny,” I say with a smile on my lips. “Night,” he whispers back. 


As I climb down from the top bunk a hand grips my leg, I can tell Benny’s joking because of his laugh but the grab causes me to let go of the top bunk and both of us crash to the floor. Luckily a certain someone breaks my fall.

He tries to catch me, but he’s in an awkward position. I slip through his arms and land on his chest, eliciting a groan from his mouth. His arms fall by his sides with a soft twack.

Biting my lip, I poke him in the forehead to see if he’s okay, trying not to lean too far forward as I realise that my prison overalls are still on my bed. Only an orange tee-shirt covers my nightwear.

“That hurt.” He says, still not opening his eyes but trying to manage a grin.

I shrug, nonchalant and try to play it cool like I’m not lying on the chest of a really hot guy. Luckily he has a shirt on because if hot guys don’t have their shirt on then… “It’s your own fault, if you grab me, you’re going to get hurt. I thought you’d have learnt that by now.” I don’t mean to sound cutting, but my voice comes out that way. Luckily he doesn’t appear to take it to heart.

“Come on, you know you love being close to me.” He makes these little kissy noises which make me grin. Benny you are an idiot.

I push my hands against his pecs and cross my legs across his chest until I’m sitting up. My whole body moves up and down as he takes a breath, “Am I too fat for ya?” I ask.

“Nope, he grins and takes a particularly large breath, just to show off. I don’t really know what I’m doing but I begin to trace circles and coils with my fingers on his prison garb beneath me. Emitting a small groan he places his hands on my exposed knees. Feeling like a total dominator I push them back to his sides. Three times he tries to grab me, but each time I hold his forearms and guide them back to his sides. After that he gives in and I trace lazy circles, marvelling at how he can be so muscled and so thin at the same time. His arms are especially sinewed but without gross veins bulging out from them. You really are hot I think without telling him or looking into his eyes because he’s confident enough as is.

Watching me, he moves his hand to the zip of his overall, and slowly begins to unzip it. I swallow a hot gasp as I realize that he's wearing nothing underneath, flicking a glance backward to where the zipper ends well below his stomach I think, how much nothing? 

Anticipation and adrenaline fire through me, flushing my cheeks as he exposes more and more of himself. Almost hypnotized I run my hand lightly across the side of his chest. He begins to sit up, leaving the zip as he uses his arms to prop himself up. He looks hungry.

All to suddenly his head is on the same level as mine, his gaze is on my lips and his breathing increases trying to race my own. Am I about to kiss my cellmate? I think, Am I about to kiss Benny? 

There's a lingering moment where, he's in slow motion. His eyes close and he begins to move forward. I try not to be scared but I can't help myself I think of chocolate.

The sound of our breakfast trays begin deposited breaks my trance. Scared, I stand up still on top of him and with my heart delivering electric shocks to the rest of my body I clumsily wink, “Well that was fun.” I pick up my tray and a stool then sit our table, trying furiously to fight the mad blush that sweeps across my face. Benny, on the ground curses and takes his food to the opposite side of our room. 

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